Saturday, April 4, 2015

Funeral After Thoughts And Hosiery And Men

So, I decided to follow Andreas's advice, and not wear shorts and hosiery to the funeral / celebration service. I was actually going to wear jeans, because I thought that we were supposed to dress casual and relaxed, but I saw my relatives wearing a suit, a sports coat, dress pants, and dresses. I went and changed into a dress shirt, pair of dress pants, and a sports coat.

When we arrived, I saw quite a few people wear jeans. I saw many women wear dresses, skirts, and hosiery.

I found the whole situation challenging, because I believe that we should be breaking down these norms, but maybe I am wrong. All norms do not come about just because the majority of people decide that this is how things are going to be. Some of the norms might come about because of that, but a lot of them do come about because we forms opinions in other situations.

We can see this in the way that we perceive turbans and work helmets. Those things have been around for a while, but they will probably never be in the mainstream for formal wear for the majority of western men.

An anonymous reader also chimed in after the funeral, and I felt that he [or she?] made a good point. While reading the response, I was reminded of an acquaintance that dresses really strange, and yet has a difficult time understanding why people look at him. Curiosity is a very natural response to things that are not normal. He should be grateful for the times, when is NOT persecuted. In fact, I do not think that he was ever persecuted for the clothing that he wore.

I look forward to the day, when all men are required to wear hosiery all the time, and when we are encouraged to wear semi-opaques or day-sheer hosiery. After that, I will realize how expensive it will be, and then do a face-palm. ;^P

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is It Safe To Wear Shorts And Hosiery To A Funeral Or Celebration Service?

My aunt died on Saturday morning. She was a respectable person, because she had people skills. I believe that she was a born again Christian, so I expect her to go to heaven.

I was wondering about what I could wear.

I thought that my favourite black shorts, and a pair of black opaques would be nice. What do you guys think about that? Is it formal enough to wear to a funeral? Have we made that progress yet? Please comment below.

It turns out that the family requested that we not wear black. Maybe I'll wear my beige coloured shorts with brown opaques, and brown Doc Martens. What do you think?

I think that avoiding sheers would be best, especially since my leg hair is a little noticable.

Any suggestions? Have seen shorts in a funeral? What about at a celebration service?

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fusion Fibre Is Amazing

I cringed a bit, when I first watched these beautiful legs demonstrate the power of fusion fibre: they do not run. This will make it easier for us to convert hosiery into footless hosiery. Sellers will probably less and less pairs as time goes on.

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Monday, February 23, 2015


1 kind of photo that I like has the main focus on something different than this blog's focus, but still has what we want to see.

This photo from an article from The Daily Mail demonstrates elegance, and success.

woman wearing a nice outfit with a skirt and pantyhose

There is no provocative pose. It is not about seduction. She has a look that is desirable, but is attainable by everybody with the right budget. A lot of the aspects of the outfit can be attained by even old stuff that are all ready in our closets.

You and I do not need to mention what to look at, because we have a common interest. We can talk around our main interest, and still know what is nice.

What do you think?

You can get this look by wearing bright coloured clothing, and then adding to your legs a grey or a skin tone that is darker than your own.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

White Support Hosiery For Sale

When was the last time that you put on a pair of white pantyhose? Did you regret not stocking up when you had a chance? Looking forward to the return of white?

packaging for Energizers Medium Support Pantyhose Wait no longer. Your time has come! I plan on ordering some in the next few weeks or the next couple of months. I intend to order Energizers Medium Support Pantyhose in white.

They come in 5 sizes.

I encourage Canadians to order 6 pairs at a time, to save on shipping. It seems to give the best value.

As you all can see, I offer online purchasing as a convenience, but I appreciate cheques/checks more than online purchases, because it saves on PayPal fees. So, if you prefer to send a cheque, then let me know, so that I can walk you through the process.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Energizers Medium Support Hosiery In White Once Again!

They are bringing back white support hosiery! You can buy it at Hosiery Advocate's Boutique. My custom image does not show white as being offered, but trust me: I do offer it. I just updated the page at the store. If it does not work for you, then let me know.

Canadians can rejoice!

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

For Sale: Silks Desire Legging With Lace Trim [Style #19906]

[This style is for sale at my Phantom Hosiery web site.]

This garment is designed to have lace go from the middle of the lower leg to the ankle, for a nice feminine touch. Most customers, if not all, will like the non-lace portions, because they feel very smooth to the touch.

The manufacturer did say, "leggings", on the package, but customers should be aware that the garment is best thought of as footless hosiery. This means that it is even more important to cover the hip area with a long shirt or a skirt or a pair of shorts. Sometimes, footless hosiery has a gusset or run guard, whereas genuine leggings tend to have fewer visible features. On a more positive note, this garment has no inseam running down the legs, which make them nicer to look at.

Although the size chart below does mention 4′10″, shorter people should be aware that Silks Desire tends to be longer than might be assumed. Shorter customers would be wise to send a message, stating your inseam length, before purchasing, so that we can help you to figure out whether it will actually fit.

To figure out whether or not this style will fit you, measure your inseam, and then subtract the distance from your heel to where you want the hosiery to stop. For most people, the middle of the ankle is about 6″ above the bottom of the foot, so if you have a 34″ inseam, then you can wear unstretched hosiery that is 28″, give or take a few inches, since the garment stretches.

Silks Desire is a Canadian brand of hosiery that was inspired by European hosiery to bring a touch of class to our beloved country.

  • control top
  • no inseams
  • colours: nero, moka
  • sizes: S, M, L
  • manufacturer's suggested retail price: $18 CAD [$20.57 CAD with taxes and our shipping]
  • 100 denier

As of December 20, 2014, black, in S & M, is ready to ship in 24 hours, and all other combinations are available by special order. Send a message for more information.

American and international customers will need to pay a few dollars more for shipping.

This product came out some time between 2000 and 2010.

This is made is Canada.

Panty 91% 9%
Legs 91% 9%
Size/TailleApproximate Unstretched Inseam
S 26″
M 27.5″
L unknown at time of writing
ft & in / pi & pocmlbkg
S 4′10″-5′6″ 147-167 cm 95-140 lb 43-64 kg
M 5′2″-5′8″ 157-173 cm 130-170 lb 59-77 kg
L 5′5″-6′0″ 165-182 cm 155-195 lb 70-89 kg

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Friday, December 12, 2014

TIL: Pantyhose Was A Main Feature Of The Music Video "These Boots Are Made For Walkin" By Nancy Sinatra

I never imagined that this song would show so much leg, let alone hosiery clad leg. I wish that I could just run my hands over it all. I think that it is easy to miss that aspect of the video, because most of people my age or younger probably have not seen the video and because the video never mentions hosiery at all.


Gals, please dress like that for your guys.

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