Friday, August 7, 2015

Female Support For Men

I was browsing the web for this blog post, and I found this comment. The woman suggests that a boy wears knee highs, because he has a special need to touch things.

There is not much more to think about. It is just good to know that women out there do not hesitate to think about men wearing hosiery and silky products; things that are commonly thought of as feminine.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Zocks Blue Opaque 80

Do you remember this photo?

me wearing beautiful blue opaques

Many years ago, that pair of blue opaques had lost its colour. This year, I managed to get a free Amazon gift card for volunteer work. So, I decided that this was a perfect opportunity to replace the blue pair. I searched around Amazon and found this.

I was going to do this earlier, but I forgot. :^(

They feel extremely soft and silky. I think that I got a great deal, and have no problems recommending them.

The only problem is that they have some wear and tear all ready. I think that it was because of the shoe being rough on the inside top of the toe box. I only wore them once, an intend to wear them again only on special occasions.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blooper Photos For Yesterday's Photo

As promised, here are the blooper photos! I have updated yesterday's blog post, by placing this link there.

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My Birthday Clothing

I went out on my birthday, yesterday, and this is what I wore.

If you like it, then please take a moment to hype it.

I am very proud of the outfit, because I think that the colours work really well, and because it has a very masculine look to it.

Some teenage guys were not so enthusiastic about it. A couple of them in the group, were speaking out loud about how surprised they were. They said something like, "What is this?!". It does not matter, though. We just press on. In fact, it made my birthday better, because it means that my efforts attracted some attention.

Later today, I will try to post some blooper photos at my Flickr account, and then announce it with a blog post tomorrow. Here you go!

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Aperger's And Austism Clothing

The other day, I had a chance to review some opaque hosiery that had a high waist panty. Before I start writing about that, I would like to comment on the social issues of girdles, corsets, and hosiery with high waist panties.

I saw an instructable, a while ago, about using pantyhose to give pressure to the body of a child with a special need. I think that it was an impromptu version of a compression vest.

Lately, I managed to try a pair of tights that had a high waist panty, and it felt good. It reminds me of going to the dentist, and having those lead blankets put on me. The high waist panty had a very mild pressure, but I thought that others might like it. I am at the point, where I plan on ordering more pairs.

I am also thinking about just getting something without the legs, so that the garment can be worn over regular hosiery. It would be cheaper, I think.

It would feel much better, I think, if it wrapped around the chest, because that is where we feel hugs. I think hat hugs tend to make people feel better.

It would be a cheap alternative to a compression vest.

Unfortunately, there is the problem of it being so feminine, that a lot of guys would lose interest. Perhaps this is where we need to extend our advocacy work. Advocating hosiery for men is not just about the legs. It is also about the other parts of the garment.

I think that it is harder for us to advocate wearing high waist hosiery, because the panty portion is even more feminine, in that it slims, and enhances a feminine figure. The other parts of the garment can resemble men's fitness clothing, but the waist portion does not resemble anything masculine.

On the other hand, it is usually worn under a shirt or dress. For guys, it will be under a shirt. When we are around friends, we usually have shirts on, so maybe it will not be so bad.

Would you please share your experiences, if you have tried it? If you have avoided trying it, then would you please explain why?

Have you tried a corset?

Before I sign off, here is an example of what I am writing to you about. I have not tried this specific product, though.

product package

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Won Silver Grey Semi Opaques In @silkshosiery Contest

This is exciting. Frankly, winning any contest is exciting, but when we win hosiery, it is that much more exciting.

A while ago, Silks offered winners a pair of silver grey coloured semi opaques.

Unfortunately, I can tell you only very little about it, because this came in a generic package, which told us nothing. There is no size information, and no fibre content.

This is like another pair that they gave out, in that it has a smooth to waist panty portion. It has a cotton gusset, and no toe reinforcement.

Unfortunately, silver grey opaques are not popular enough for Silks to continue offering it. They do have some discontinued silver opaques in size A, though.

I have yet to put this pair on, but I can see that it is very soft, and I know that I will enjoy it. It will be a little more delicate than the other Silks opaques that I enjoy, because this is not as thick as those.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Less Hosiery Wearing Lately

Lately, I have not been wearing hosiery as often, even at home. It seems quite the opposite of what I wanted to do, and what I tried to get you to do, is it not?

The reason for this is that I come home from work as a mascot, and although I try to keep clean, I feel kind of grubby. Also, since I expect to get dirty as a macot, I have been wearing the clothes that I use to clean around the house and to do chores. I used to wear those clothes for only short periods of time, so I was able to live without hosiery just for a while.

Now that I am in more of a routine at work, and now that things are predictable, I think that it makes sense to clean everything up, and start wearing cleaner clothes.

Wearing cleaner clothes will allow me to feel that wearing hosiery is a better idea. In other words, I will go out, and wear clean clothes, and I will come home, and wear clean clothes, so it makes sense to wear hosiery, too.

I suppose that I can wear hosiery with dirty clothes, too. It is just that when I come home, I tend to change into sweat pants for sleeping. There is not a lot of awake time, so it seems like of extra washing for so little enjoyment.

Another important reason to not wear hosiery is that not wearing hosiery makes it easier to get changed. I do not have to change into an extra item, and I do not have to worry about fabric pills. I hate the idea of getting pills on my hosiery.

That being said, I do have a lot of extra hosiery that I do not care about. Using some support hosiery could be a good idea. Improving blood flow after over 4 hours on my feet is a good use of hosiery. Am I right?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jennifer Aniston And A Peek At Her Semi Opaque Hosiery

Sometimes less is more. I think that guys can learn a bit from Jennifer Aniston in this article's photo. You get only a small clear glimpse of 1 of her knees and lower thighs. However, it is all that we need. We are not trying to invade her privacy. We just want to enjoy the pleasures of the beauty of hosiery.

I love the small shine.

When we wear hosiery, it should be visible, but there is something to be said about hosiery that appears only briefly now and then.

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