Saturday, June 5, 2010

EPIC Photos

I finally got my photos downloaded from my camera! What a pain! Read the remainder of the blog entry to see the photos.

Here we have a photo of me standing on the fashion runway of the expo, during an intermission.

I am wearing black day sheers, my usual black shorts, black dress shoes, a volunteer t-shirt, a black jacket vest under the t-shirt, a cream coloured sweater under the vest, a white turtle neck under the sweater, and a red fanny pack. You could see some of the fanny pack sticking out.

In the next photo, we see these 2 supporters from The Underwear Affair.

They were fun to get to know, and I sensed that they would be supportive, so I brought up the hosiery issue.

In the next photo, are 3 other volunteers that I got to know a little. They turned out to be good friends with each other. They talked like each other and even sounded like each other. I brought it up with them, because they seemed very nice and supportive.

As you might have guessed, all 5 women would support their men, if the men wanted to wear them in public.


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