Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Silks Solutions Hosiery Replacement: Energizers Medium Support Tights

Many people probably miss wearing Silks Solutions support hosiery. I wore a pair of Silks Solutions 3. I still have a pair after probably 10 years. I did not wear it very often, as you might guess. I especially loved the way that it stretched. It felt like a real garment, if that makes sense. Unlike other support hosiery, Silks Solutions is extremely soft and comfortable. It is softer than a lot of regular hosiery.

Petite slim women and small guys can still enjoy a style of hosiery similar to Silks Solutions. Energizers Medium Support Tights are opaque and offer a snug support around the legs. It is a great solution.

For $15, you can have a pair of opaque hosiery that is great for ready-to-wear fashion. As long as you are willing to use nail polish on hidden parts, the hosiery can last many days. I think that I have worn mine for over 60 days!

Here is more information from Hosiery Advocate's Boutique.

Energizers Medium Support Tights offers 8-10 mmHg of leg and foot support. It massages and energizes active legs.

Graduated compression throughout the leg helps to increase the blood flow and promote circulation to reduce leg fatigue and swelling.

You might even want to consider wearing this as athletic clothing.

This style provides medium support to meet your every day comfort needs, but definitely provides more support than Silks Solutions.

This style is made with a slimming control top panty.

If you are curious, I made an announcement for it at Hosiery Advocate's Boutique.

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  1. Silk solutions hosiery is good alternative to other types of hosiery but it depends upon person's choice. Yeah! it is extremely soft and comfortable. Thanks for sharing this useful post!
    Leggings And Tights

    1. Alfie, have you worn them before? Do you live in Australia?