Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Martha Lane Fox In Grey Opaque Hosiery

She ought to be known as UK's Digit Champion. However, we might rather know her as woman in grey opaques and with a walking stick.

I do not mean to belittle her intellectual achievements, but she looks very beautiful. I find it interesting that the hosiery does not seem to just hide any possible blemishes, but they seem to go well with her walking stick. If you were to search for images and videos of her, then you'll find that she has different styled walking sticks. They are not very noticably different, but you could see some patterned sticks. I wonder if it is wise for her to match her hosiery to her walking stick. What do you think about that?

Getting back on track, though, I think that hosiery does an excellent job of covering the blemishes after an operation [even though Martha might not need it].

What do you think of her sense of style? Did she choose the right colours? Do you like her outfit?

Thank you for reading!

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