Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Andreas Lucius Loh: 2 Hosiery Stories

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For those just joining us, I managed to conduct an interview with popular blogger, Andreas Lucius Loh, who writes about men's fashion with hosiery. Read the rest of the blog post for the interview.

Do you have a funny hosiery story?

I remembered once I was out eating with one of my close female friends at a restaurant, I was having Activskin A857 Thermofabric light support ribbed tights on and I noticed that were 2 girls paying their bills at the cashier and one of them points to her friend at my legs, and exclaimed out "Look he is wearing stockings!" The other friend didn't have much reaction but the girl who saw my legs were so shocked, I was pretending not to notice their reaction though I was having a conversation with my friend, however deep inside of me I was laughing out really loud! Hahaha! I find it funny because of their reaction. I take it as a compliment than an insult.

Do you have a sad hosiery story?

Laddering or damage to any of my legwear is sad story any day. Nothing in particular actually..

Thanks, Andreas!

Everybody, come back again, for the next part of the interview. Thanks for reading!

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