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Andreas Lucius Loh: About Singapore The Homeland

I am so glad to present to you the next portion of the interview.

We could always check Wikipedia for information about Singapore, but it is nice to read about it from people that we trust. After all, Wikipedia will not tell us about hosiery in Singapore, right? Today, we will see what Andreas has to say about it. Be sure to check out the other interview questions, by clicking interviews, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics, or by clicking on a link below.

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I seem to recall that you come from Singapore. Tell us a bit about it. What is life like?

Life in Singapore is fast paced, high living expenses, work can be really stressful here, however thank God that my occupation as a Baby photographer gives me joy haha! When I first heard that shops in general in the Western nations close at 4 or 5pm I was pretty surprised! Because shops here are usually closed at 8 or 9pm! Mistakes are not tolerated in our society and sadly academic certificates are highly valued over everything else. The climate here is summer all year round! Hot! In other words, I would like to bail out eventually and soon! Hahaha!

Interesting. I thought that Singapore had very comfortable weather. I'm glad that you pointed that out. Is it ever too hot for you to wear hosiery and a shorts?

Yes sometimes it does, so if I wear do wear them with shorter pants I would make sure I spend 90% of the time in an air-conditioned environment and that would normally be going to church and shopping! :)

Is hosiery popular there?

Hosiery is indeed popular but mostly leggings.

Do you think that many Singaporean men will wear hosiery with shorts, 1 day?

I don't think that will happen at all for now, though I have seen some younger men wearing some form of legwear with shorts in the streets of Singapore but it seems to remain a very niche fashion item, just like not all women will wear hosiery or even makeup at all.

I like the fact that I am unique the way I dress, I express myself from the way I dress. Now that since women do that, I don't see why can't men do it. If you look at how the younger people dress in Japan, you will truly understand what I mean.

People can say all they like that men are becoming feminine or anything.. then what about women? I mean we all know that men in the earlier days flaunt their legs in hose and tights, and women being women started wearing clothes which originally pertained to men. I'm not placing the blame on women or anything but COME ON GUYS! MAN UP! The first woman who wore pants definitely had stares but look now! Women can wear pants without anyone staring thinking they are weird! I hope you guys get what I really mean here! Expressing oneself physically isn't limited to gender or sexuality!

If you all actually visit you could see guys who actually express themselves very well in clothes and I have also posted up looks of myself with hosiery and boy do I get hypes(favourites) from mostly females and positive comments from both genders! Be a MAN!

That's too bad that it probably won't happen any time soon. You are full of energy, though, so maybe it will.

Is it ever too cold for you to wear hosiery and shorts?

Actually it is hot in Singapore, Summer all year round kind of climate. In fact it is pretty hot to wear tights with shorter pants.

Do people ever wear sweaters in Singapore?

We do despite the climate but mostly in air conditioned areas or sometimes the weather could be really chilly during a rain.

Awesome! Thanks, Andreas. I look forward to the next portion of the interview.

Thank you for reading, everybody!

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