Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making Grey Footless Out Of Good Condition Hosiery

I decided to do the unthinkable: cut up the toe portions of hosiery to make footless hosiery, even though they are still in great condition. I figure that if I were to make a good impression on onlookers, then I would need to vary my outfits, otherwise people might think that I am wearing the same pairs every day. That means using hosiery that is not black on some days, and black on others.

The pair that I am about to cut up is more expensive than the average hosiery that I wear. It is full of lines that are not pin stripes. I think that the manufacturer did a poor job on it. Even though it is more expensive than the average pair, I do not think that I would wear it for any special ocassion, due to the unusual stripes, and due to the feel of the fabric, so I would be getting better use out of it as footless hosiery at work.

Have you ever cut up a good pair on purpose?

Thank you for reading!

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