Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zooey Wears Different Black Hosiery

A fashion critic criticizes Zooey Deschanel's choice of hosiery. Zooey is 1 of my favourite hosiery wearing gals, because her looks appear so normal, and she is so pleasant on the eyes. So, the article got me a little bit upset. Judging by the comments at the bottom of the page, it appears that I am not the only person. I think that their comments pretty much just settle the debate, but here are a few photos that prove that we are right.

It is hard to tell in some photos, because of the lighting, but the critic should do some research before expressing his opinion.

To Zooey and my readers, keep wearing hosiery all year long, and keep your legs silky and smooth!

Thank you for reading!

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