Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy At Work This Week And An Encounter

During the start of this week, I juggled a couple of jobs, and I got let go from 1 of them, yesterday. My manager was really good about it, and he was looking out for my best interest, it seems. He said that he just wanted to save my time, and he offered to be a good reference. He also mentioned that he loved my work ethic.

Juggling 2 jobs is why I did not have time to blog for yesterday's post.

An interesting encounter did happen yesterday. Read the rest of the post for the details.

During the day, I worked at a telemarketing job. A guy asked me if I bike.

I just said, No, no., and went back to work. It dawned on me, that he must have come to that idea some how. He probably thought that I biked because of my hosiery, so I turned to him, and said, You mean because of this?, and pointed to my white opaques. The pair was new, by the way. It did not have any pink in it. I was wearing my beige shorts, so that means I took a rare break from my sloppy grey shorts.

He said, Yeah..

I just wear them because I like them. I read about trends, and I wanted to put my knowledge to good use. I wanted to see if I could start a fashion trend with something really out there, then I'd know if I did a good job, or not., I said.

It doesn't really seem out there to me., he said.

Cool. Thanks., I said, with a smile. It was cool to be able to get that feedback like that. It was very encouraging.

So, there you have it, guys [and gals]: a job where you can work, while wearing shorts and visible hosiery.

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