Monday, August 22, 2011

Increase In Popularity Of Hosiery

It is getting to be old news, is it not? An interesting thing is who is being seen in nice hosiery, and what is being recommended with it. Read the remainder of my post for more info.

This summer, Sara Silverman, Emily Browning, and Taylor Momsen wore hosiery.

The latter 2 appear to be wear stay-ups [i.e. hold ups], but what about Sara? According to the writer, she is also wearing stay-ups, but do you think that she is? You, my readers, probably wear hosiery more than the writer, and you probably know more than she does. What do you think?

[Update: apparently, Sara Silverman was wearing pantyhose. See for yourself.]

I like Emily Browning's outfit more than I like her hosiery. Her outfit looks so cute. I do like her hosiery a lot, though. :^D

If you read my blog, then you probably have heard of the idea of shorts combined with hosiery. A writer advises shorts and hosiery for women during the summer. Notice how short the first pair of shorts are. They are like the Hooters brand shorts, and they are recommending a pair of hosiery with it.

If you are planning on wearing it while playing in the sand, then I recommend a pair of footless hosiery. Not only will you not wear out the feet of a pair of hosiery, you will also not get sand trapped between the hosiery and your skin.

By the way, have any of you wore hosiery at the beach with footed hosiery? Did you get sand trapped inside your hosiery?

Lastly, as a bonus for reading this far, here is a photo of Duchess Catherine. I do not remember seeing it. I had to click on the photos in the left column. I am thinking of the second photo of four. There is also a lovely woman in uniform, who has dark sheers under a skirt.

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