Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Will Probably Wear Sheers For Duration Of Summer

As I said in an earlier blog entry, I want to put my sheers to good use. Honestly, I do miss wearing them.

1 problem with some of the opaques that I have are that they tend to pill a lot. It gives me a bad feeling when I see that I put so much wear and tear on the hosiery, and it is only from wearing it with shabby clothing.

Another thing that I will probably do is convert my damaged opaques to footless hosiery, and then start wearing socks with them. The idea is that many of the places that I go to are kind of dirty, and I do not want to expose my favourite hosiery to those floors.

Do you have certain hosiery rules?


  1. On yes! When wearing my sheers with everyday wear, I usually do not wear socks and wear hose-friendly shoes with them. When at work, I have to wear socks with my work boots. Black sheers I save for when I'm lounging at home or if I wear pants. My opaques are versatile and can go with nearly anything, but since it is hot amd humid in Virginia during the summers, I avoid opaques all together.

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    If your shoes aren't hose friendly, then don't they wear out quickly?

  3. Exactly! I had a pair of dress shoes that I had for many years and when I started wearing full time, were uncomfortable in hose. Worst of all, every time I would wear them, would cause a nasty run or hose in the heal. Even with my black tights.

    From that point, I got a rid of them and found hose friendly dress shoes. Same rule goes with my tennis shoes and anything else I wear. My work boots on the other hand, I'm stuck having to put on sock over hose to keep them my hose from wearing out so quickly.