Saturday, December 10, 2011

Any Progress For Men In Hosiery?

I am confident that women in hosiery have made tremendous progress in the last 3 years. I still clearly remember how exciting it was just to see the media appreciate hosiery at all. Now, it seems as if mainstream society is only a few steps away from making hosiery mandatory with skirts.

How well are men in hosiery doing? In the last few months, I never really bothered to stop and think about it. I just assumed that we would make progress.

I must wonder, though, what has happened in the last few months, or even a year, to show men in hosiery becoming popular? Have we seen any famous people wearing hosiery in a normal way? Have we seen characters in movies wear hosiery?

It is still too abnormal. I think that that is why my company can afford to discriminate against me. I think that that is why companies can still afford to ban men from wearing shorts and hosiery at work.

What can we do about this? Wear shorts and hosiery in as many places as possible, of course!

I understand that there are many communities where you will literally be ostracized, but as long as you have your close group of friends and family to support you, then what do you care about strangers rejecting you? We need more people to get out there.

Just the other day, DougAA commented on how some people think that unisex clothing is good, while others think that it is bad. I appreciate him discussing that with me, especially since I brought up the topic, :^) but I think that it might be premature for us to discuss that, when men are not even allowed to wear shorts and hosiery to work.

In fact, we almost are not even allowed to wear them in public. The other day, when I delivered the hosiery parcel, I passed by somebody who must have seen me wear hosiery several times. However, he muttered silently to his wife to look at me. I honestly cannot say for sure what the problem was, but I suspect that he was fascinated by my footless hosiery. That is pretty unbelievable. I have been wearing publically for 10-15 years, I think, and we still are not much further ahead.

Maybe I am being unrealistic. As it is, some people are still fighting for the right to be in an interracial relationship. Maybe the road is much longer than I thought.

I think that maybe my next goal should be to finish off the survey for men in hosiery in the work place on Commercial Drive. If I could create some kind of directory for men to find jobs, where they can wear hosiery, then maybe, just maybe, we can do something.

The end. Thank you for reading!

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