Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is actually a pretty tough time of the year for me. I hope that it all goes much easier for you.

A kid's TV show says that Christmas is a time made for wishes. If I could have 1 wish, then it would be that Christ's birth have a meaningful impact in your life this year.

In the mean time, enjoy these Christmaseque photos. Click on them, to go to the original sources.

woman in a group wears shorts with white opqaues
woman and her friend wear elf-like costumes with shorts and white opaques

The end. Thank you for reading!


  1. Christ's birth will definitely have an impact in your life! I mean you are healed from your illness already! :) Leave everything up to Him today my friend! :) I seriously wouldn't be where I am without Him. Merry Christmas dear friend! :) And seriously if you need a listening here, I'm here for you mate! :) if you are on windows live messenger, add me up on :)

  2. Thanks.

    I added you.

    What was your life like before becoming a Christian?

  3. I spent most of time partying and smoking my life and money away, finding love at the wrong places.. this was the kind of life that I got influenced to from "bad company" back in my time serving in the Air Force. Although it was really fun to party, drink, smoke and stuff but when I get home, I still found myself being back to where I am.. that same horrid me. I became extremely crude because of the culture I had in the military, everything I said had to end or start with the F word and I even used it at home. I really hated Christians and my mum being Catholic never helped. I resented her for being weak and easily wavered and I had my own ideals too, which were politically leaning towards National Socialism, I had posters of Hitler in my room and stuff like that. Even my cigarette case had a Nazi eagle..Hahaha. That was my life then...

  4. A non-white guy likes Hitler? Wow. I'm glad that you got won over to the light side.

    I never went through such a phase in my life. I have my share of evil, though.

    I used to be in the army reserves. I managed to avoid swearing, though.

    Do you miss the military life? I do, but I'm glad that I'm out. I probably would have killed myself.

  5. Well Hitler did have non-white soldiers fighting for him too by the way...Haha.

    Yeah we all had our bad days.

    Hmm I don't really miss it though. But I still like uniforms.. Hahahaha! I'm going back for reservist in camp training next year April though... Hahaha :(

  6. Oh yes I forgot to mention too.. My sexuality got messed up too then.. Hahaha :X

  7. Yeah, I remember hearing and reading that he worked with middle eastern people.

    Regarding your sexuality, are you straight, right now?

  8. Yeah I'm straight. Hahaha! And seriously what we wear doesn't determine our sexuality! :D

    What caused the shift was because I find myself with males most of the time. But nahh I didn't anything drastic.

  9. Which is your email address by the way?