Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hosiery Advocate Forgot To Wear Shorts!

Have you ever dreamed that you forgot to wear pants while going around outside of the home? It is a weird feeling, is it not?

Well, that really kind of happened to me in the home. A few moments ago, after the shower, I was so focused on putting petroleum jelly on my skin, that I forgot to put my shorts on over my footless hosiery. So, I am walking around the home, with a shirt covering my private areas, but I never noticed it, until later.

It was such a strange feeling. I am not sure if anybody else noticed. I apologized, though.

The end. Thank you for reading!


  1. I have dreamt countless times that I'm outside without wearing pants, just a somehow long T-shirt, and most times not even my underwear (i.e. panties). But the best part was some days ago, when I dreamt I was wearing pantyhose and a mini skirt in public. No one was really noticing, though I was walking around and many people were passing by. I hope to have the same dream tonight...!

    1. I thought that I replied to this already. I guess not.

      I think that what you describe is the basically the feelings of the first outing that most people have.