Friday, September 28, 2012

Bacteria Eats Nylon Byproduct

Normally, I do not post information about science in this blog. However, this seemed truly fascinating, because nylon is related to it.

This is useful information for organizations that might want to find a way of disposing of nylon, without putting them in landfills.

What I find interesting is that bacteria outside of nylon factories created a way to digest nylon biproducts. This is significant to nerds, because it shows what kinds of abilities can come about in a very short time.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Used Hosiery: Sink Protecter

I just found out the other day, that placing something on the bottom of the sink is a good way of protecting it against scratches. When it comes to scouring big pots, it can be difficult to keep the pot steady. The movement will scratch the sink and make it look bad.

I suggest putting some hosiery at the bottom of the sink, and then placing the pot on there. You obviously can use other materials, too.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#Mantyhose Feet On Smooth Foot Rest

For the last while, I have been enjoying the delight of hosiery covered feet on a specially covered foot rest. I get to rub my feet over the smooth surface. The cover is packaging material, that is spongy, but it is so thin, that it almost does not seem that way.

To make it, you just need a foot rest, and a cover. Simply look at whatever packing material you get, when you buy stuff.

In my case, I already had a foot rest under my desk, so it was not a big deal. I wanted to use styrofoam to keep my feet from touching the cold surface in winter, but I also wanted a smooth surface, so that it would be easier to wipe it clean. I put the styrofoam on it, and enjoyed it. It got ripped apart easily due to wear and tear, so I added more foam, and this cover.

If any of you want some, then let me know in the comments below. I can send spare material to you for free plus shipping and handling. Do not give me your contact information, until we have discussed it thoroughly.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Used Hosiery: Pantyhose Game

If you enjoy touching hosiery, then try this fun game with some old hosiery. Each player needs to put each hand in a leg of hosiery.

Have you tried this game before?

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Should Stores Be Required To Hire Men To Sell Hosiery?

I think that this merits a bit of discussion, especially since Jessica, of Fantasy Stockings, in Vancouver, asked me to. :^) Some of you probably remember my interest in working for Wolford. They declined. Fogal showed enough interest that they offered me a chance to interview for when a job would open up. So, there is enough interest and opportunity for the issue to be discussed.

An important issue to consider is the other kind of clothing that the stores sell. If they sell bras, that could affect whether or not a woman would feel comfortable with guys in the store. Therefore, I will touch on the idea of guys selling bras, and fitting women for bras. As you read about it, think of it as being similar to selling hosiery. Selling hosiery requires less staff-customer intimacy than fitting a bra, but the kind of intimacy is very similar.

Also, bear in mind that although this blog is going to try to convince you of something, it is more about presenting the issues that we have to face, and about trying to give us options.

When you comment, please try to subscribe to the responses, so that you can participate in discussions.

First of all, there is the issue of men's ability to do it. Yes, men are fully capable of doing it. After all, if men can be gynecologists, then there is nothing that will stop us from becoming experts in a female garment. We are not computers, yet we can be computer experts right? The hosiery industry is filled with men who are passable as hosiery sales reps. Of those men in the industry, there are experts who understand the beauty and fit of hosiery. Men have definitely proven themselves.

Secondly, there is also the issue of legalities. Do stores have the legal right to discriminate against men for any reason? I do not know of any. I realize that many laws do favour women, but I do not know of any specific laws that allow stores to decline employment to men, just because they are men. Do you know of any laws? If so, then please fill me in.

Thirdly, there is the issue of current staffing. Before we start telling other stores what to do, let us imagine that you own a store that is currently staffed by only women. 1 of them is a student, who desperately needs the work in this down economy. Another is a great employee, which shows leadership potential. This potential will come in handy when you intend to promote somebody to assistant manager. Then you have your assistant manager, whom you and your other employees love, and you have you, whom you are not able to fire.

So, imagine a rule which says that all stores must have at least 1 man and 1 woman, if there are 2 staff members or contractors. Imagine that your business is running well, with no serious complaints. There is just enough profit to cover all expenses, including salary. That would be pretty stressful, would it not? Who would you fire, when all the customers are already satisfied? The student needs the job, and the other staff members work well. You do not have enough money to hire the guy as a fifth employee. What do you do? I think that I might have to fire the student. I would love to read your responses, even though this situation will probably never happen. I think that it is worth thinking about, because it forces us to think about who we value more.

Fourthly, there is also the issue of how men feel about other men giving the wives a bra fitting. I am sure that we can trust men to be good gynecologists and family doctors, but we do need to sort through this. If women want equality, then they need to sort through this, as well. Otherwise, they will always be feeble, in my mind. After all, why would you defend discrimination against women, and then advocate it against guys? When it comes to bra fitting, nobody is forcing women to be fitted by a guy. Women can go to another store.

Do not get me wrong! I understand that there are religious issues involved. If you think that your religion is right, and that women should not be fitted by guys, then speak out! I understand. I am willing to support it. Bear in mind, that in order to strengthen your opinion, you need to be consistent, in that you should try to separate men from women in as many ways as possible. Should men be allowed to be gynecologists? If not, then what do we do with all the men who are currently gynecologists? What about those who are being trained for it, and have a huge student debt? Should they be required to quit, and then continue with another field of study?Should breast surgeons be only women? Should women doctors only serve women?

1 thing that I like about the Bible is the nuanced phrasing. The Lord Jesus Christ said in the sermon on the mount, that if we look at a woman to lust, then we have already committed adultery. He obviously had no problems with just casually looking at people as we pass them in the streets. He had a problem with lust. So, that means that men could fit women for bras, if they could look at women without lusting.

An interesting aspect of this women-only part of this discussion is that part of it comes from the traditional parts of our society. At 1 time, doctors were only/mostly men. Who would have served the women? Men! If we want to preserve 1 aspect of tradition, then we have to commit to letting go of the other aspect. We cannot expect women to be served by women, while prohibiting them from those jobs.

I think that most traditional people do not really care all that much about the battle of the sexes. I think that for them, they just need to get used to the idea of men fitting women. This will allow women to get used to the idea of men selling hosiery. However, it is a mental hurdle that we men have to knock down and not just overcome.

Lastly, and more importantly, what happens when the company could lose potential customers. Even if the company wants to hire men, should it? Hiring men is not an automatic guarantee of profit.

I am in a very awkward position. I want to advocate for the rights of businesses to discriminate based on sex, so that there are women-only staff, women-only gyms, men-only barber shops, women-only hair salons, men-only golf clubs, etc. However, having women-only without any men-only is garbage. I also advocate for men's rights to sell hosiery and such garments. I think that the best balance is the let the businesses decide based on sex, and customer preferences.

Thanks for coming to this blog post. Please comment below, even if it is just letting us know whether or not you agree. Jessica, of Fantasy Stockings, said that she wants to blog about the topic, so check her blog in the next little while.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Silks Solutions Hosiery Replacement: Energizers Medium Support Tights

Many people probably miss wearing Silks Solutions support hosiery. I wore a pair of Silks Solutions 3. I still have a pair after probably 10 years. I did not wear it very often, as you might guess. I especially loved the way that it stretched. It felt like a real garment, if that makes sense. Unlike other support hosiery, Silks Solutions is extremely soft and comfortable. It is softer than a lot of regular hosiery.

Petite slim women and small guys can still enjoy a style of hosiery similar to Silks Solutions. Energizers Medium Support Tights are opaque and offer a snug support around the legs. It is a great solution.

For $15, you can have a pair of opaque hosiery that is great for ready-to-wear fashion. As long as you are willing to use nail polish on hidden parts, the hosiery can last many days. I think that I have worn mine for over 60 days!

Here is more information from Hosiery Advocate's Boutique.

Energizers Medium Support Tights offers 8-10 mmHg of leg and foot support. It massages and energizes active legs.

Graduated compression throughout the leg helps to increase the blood flow and promote circulation to reduce leg fatigue and swelling.

You might even want to consider wearing this as athletic clothing.

This style provides medium support to meet your every day comfort needs, but definitely provides more support than Silks Solutions.

This style is made with a slimming control top panty.

If you are curious, I made an announcement for it at Hosiery Advocate's Boutique.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Movie: Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

This Friday, you will want to watch Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow. It is an old style of science fiction. Gweneth Paltrow exudes a beautiful charm throughout the movie. She wears stockings. It is hard to tell throughout the movie, because of the lighting style, but every now and then, we get a glimpse of beautiful stocking tops.

The movie is available on Netflix. I give it 3/5 stars.

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