Thursday, May 31, 2012

Men Cannot Wear Hosiery As Pants

We cannot wear leggings as pants, either. Since a few women wore hosiery as pants, I contemplated a little on why men would have a very difficult time getting away with it.

Part of the reason must be the very drastic jump. As it is, we do not typically wear skin tight clothing as outerwear. Do you feel that you could walk around with pro wrestler clothing? Actually, that is a very interesting idea. We would get attention, but people would not necessarily think that we are gay, if we also wear boots and kneepads. I could imagine wearing it as a Halloween costume, but not much more.

Another part of the reason must be the lack of modesty. To suddenly walk around with our genitals protruding would be bad. To take it a step further, an erection would raise more than the fabric. It would raise unwanted attention. Really. People do not want to devote their attention to such things. Women can get away with this, because if they are aroused, then we probably cannot tell.

I cannot think of anymore reasons why men cannot wear hosiery as pants. What about you?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wore Pants

I feel like I have to make a confession.

The other day and yesterday, I went out in pants. It is not a huge catastrophe, but I felt so annoyed at the idea of putting on hosiery. I really just wanted to yank up some kind of leg covering, instead of putting it on delicately just to run an errand.

Somehow, not wearing them must have been therapeutic, because I feel eager to wear them again.

Wearing pants is probably not a big deal to you, because there is no reason to not wear them once in a while. However, I have made a commitment to wear shorts and hosiery as long as pants are not required.

Currently, I am not sure if I want to keep up with the requirement or not. I will for now, though.

On a side note, I think that women might wear leggings as pants, because of similar reasons. They probably want to just put something smooth on, and not have to worry about putting something on top. For me, I need to put something on top, because I need the pockets, and because I have to be modest. Also, I have to wear bicycle-shorts-length hosiery to make sure that my shorts do not cause my full length hosiery to pill. Also, I wear socks with my footless hosiery, to prevent my hosiery feet from pilling. I have become so process oriented when leaving the home and coming back, that it is no wonder wearing hosiery is not pleasant anymore! :^D I will try to change that, in the future. Maybe I will buy a cheap pair of opaques for casual outings.

If you know of any cheap brands, then let me know.

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Sugababe Amelle Berrabah Wears Hosiery As Pants?

Amelle Berrabah thinks that hosiery as pants should be okay too. She seems to be wearing something over her hosiery, but still.

Does she pull off the look? What do you think?

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hosiery As Pants

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet 1 of my Hosiery Advocate's Boutique customers. While waiting in the food court of a shopping centre, I saw a young woman wearing black mostly opaque hosiery as pants. That means we could see her gusset and panties from the back.

I just was so shocked. I watched her for a while to see if I could figure out why she would even bother with such a style.

After some honest thought, I suspected that she probably thinks that we just cannot see her panties. I cannot imagine anybody doing this and assuming that it would be okay to see her panties.

What do you think? Why would somebody do that?

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Grubby Grey Shorts Are Dead

The end of an era has come. Let us mourn. The shorts were ugly, but they served me well. About 2 weeks ago, my grubby grey shorts got a huge tear at the back. They were so worn out that they became thin, and then eventually torn.

I will now need to make another pair. I have a pair of grey cargo pants that are too short. I will see if I can convert them. I am just concerned that the bottom of the cargo pockets are too low. I want to wear shorts that are above the knees.

Although I am a bit sad, I think that you should be happy, because now I will be forced to wear better shorts, and be forced to look nicer. You definitely want somebody to look good, when represents you, right? :^)

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Reluctant Angel

The movie has a pretty low rating, but if you are looking for consistent glimpses throughout the story, then try out Reluctant Angel this Friday.

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Consumer Alert: Energizers Medium Support Opaque Hosiery Black Size C [style #19284] Too Short

I measured Energizers Medium Support Opaque Tights [style #19284] black size C, and found that it is the same length as black size B. I measured hosiery that came directly from the manufacturer, so you can safely assume that it is not the fault of the retailer.

Tall people should beware of these products, until further notice.

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Hosiery As Pants

No, not me. About a week ago, on SkyTrain, a stranger wore fuchsia mostly opaque footless hosiery over fuchsia day sheer footed hosiery. She probably wore a slightly more purple version of this on the inside and a slightly more purple of this footless hosiery on the outside. At first, I thought that she donned a short dress or long shirt. It was hard to tell, because she was sitting down.

Whenever SkyTrain stops, I usually like to look out the door, to watch people walk by. I definitely noticed her leaving the station. More precisely, I noticed her gusset and the reinforced panty. I saw it from the front, too! I could also see light shining through the crotch area of her hosiery.

I thought that she would be the second person that I saw wearing full length hosiery as pants, but apparently she might be the third, and this person might be the second.

Is she fashionable or incomprehensible?

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Second Birthday To This Blog!

My blog turns 2 years old today! You can take a look at the first post, if you would like. You might also enjoy comparing this birthday's blog post to last birthday's blog post.

I thought that it would be fun to brag about some of the milestones that I have achieved in the past year.

Hosiery No Pants Or Skirts

In the last week, or so, I have noticed an unusual amount of women not wearing pants, skirts, shorts, or leggings. I am going to blog about it for the next seven days.

To start us off, here is an Jockey ad, showing beautiful powerful women wearing hosiery. According to the photo, they are bankers, brokers, and traders, from NYC.

With photos like this, can we honestly say that hosiery [i.e. pantyhose, tights, nylons, stockings, etc.] are for old people? Is hosiery really just for teenagers? No! These photos are proof that women do not need to be models to look good in hosiery, and that hosiery still looks beautiful and sophisticated in the work place!

Let us know if you agree!

Tomorrow, and the day after, I will tell you about 2 women that I saw wearing hosiery as pants in public! Thank you for reading!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Phantom Silks Hosiery Style #1993 Available At Clara's Fashions & Alterations

This is an alert for those who are still looking for Phantom Silks pantyhose [style #1993]. The rest of my post tells you all.

Phantom Silks Hosiery Style #1926 Available At Clara's Fashions & Alterations

This is an alert for those who are still looking for Phantom Silks pantyhose [style #1926]. The rest of my post tells you all.

Phantom Silks Hosiery Style #1925 Available At Clara's Fashions & Alterations

This is an alert for those who are still looking for Phantom Silks knee highs [style #1925]. The rest of my post tells you all.

Phantom Silks Hosiery Style #1904 Available At Clara's Fashions & Alterations

This is an alert for those who are still looking for Phantom Silks pantyhose [style #1904]. The rest of my post tells you all.

Phantom Silks Hosiery Style #1903 Available At Clara's Fashions & Alterations

This is an alert for those who are still looking for Phantom Silks pantyhose [style #1903]. The rest of my post tells you all.

Phantom Silks Hosiery Style #1902 Available At Clara's Fashions & Alterations

This is an alert for those who are still looking for Phantom Silks pantyhose [style #1902]. The rest of my post tells you all.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

@tights_tights tweeted an interesting bit of news. I am not up to date on French politics, so I was not aware of Valerie Trierweiler wearing hosiery. In fact, I began to assume that she might not actually be wearing. From the small glimpse of her upper thigh, I wondered if she actually was wearing shape wear.

It seems that she was wearing hosiery after all. If you like to see middle aged women wearing hosiery, then you just need to scroll down. It is the full length body shot of her and Carla Bruni. Thankfully the sun shone brightly. In the other photos, the angle of the light still leaves the question as debatable.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fab Fit Pantyhose

I am surprised that the creator used the word pantyhose to describe Fab Fit Pantyhose, when it only comes in 100 denier opaque. The other 2 words seem to do a decent job of describing the hosiery: fab; fit.

From what I can see in the photos, the hosiery appears to be very comfortable, and not too constricting.

The web site describes the product as shape wear, but it does not seem too pinch or anything like that.

I would love to hear from you, my readers, whether or not you have tried it, and what you think of it. Please comment below.

Thank you for reading!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Photos Of A Concert Band

It has been a while since I participated in the concert band below. I like to keep up to date with them, by looking over their photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see how some of the women dressed for a performance.

I wanted to share these photos earlier, because I felt that this might be a sign of improvements and things to come.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Used Hosiery: Pop Filters [a.k.a Pop Screens]

You can use hosiery to protect your microphones: pop filters [a.k.a pop screens]. The trick seems to be that we have to buy a hoop for cross stitching.

I hate buying a hoop just to reuse pantyhose. Maybe we can cut the top off of a jar, and cut a hole in the corresponding lid, so that we use the rim and the lid with a hole. Do any of you know how to make a hoop for free?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Am Jealous Of Some Other Bloggers

It seems that another blogger got a bundle of Secret brand hosiery products to sample and write about. I wish that I could be that person. Free hosiery!! I could only dream. There are a couple of websites that are offering me a sample, so I would like to get in touch with them this month. We will see.

That being said, I do find it kind of sad that it seems easy for her to get that much support from the business community and the readers. I honestly wonder why that is.

I figure that she is good at making friends. It takes a lot to get people to participate in blogs.

Perhaps her topics are more relevant, so people are willing to participate. When we talk about hosiery, are we really talking about things that really matter to us? I think that deep down inside, we are not really all that concerned about hosiery on men and women. It is probably more along the lines of something that would be nice to have, but not something that we have to have. Even though I never insisted on it being something that we have to have, I might have lost sight of it, and it affected how I wrote about things, and whether or not I wrote about it.

Another thing that she seems to have done is to decorate the blog. There are images all over the place, which make it easier for people to find stuff and easier to enjoy the blog. I think that I need improvement there.

Another thing that I could do is focus more on men's hosiery. When was the last time I did that? I feel kind of guilty about it, but men's hosiery seems more expensive, and in some cases, it seems like a waste of money. Also, I feel that if I wear it, then I will feel kind of gay and effeminate. Just about every men's brand out there portrays hosiery as effeminate. ActivSkin shows a cartoonish guy reclining in a way that seems effeminate to me. With another brand, a guy is just sitting there in his hosiery reading a newspaper. He could be bothered to put a collared shirt on, but not put on a pair of shorts?? Possible. With another brand, a guy is reclining with a beautiful woman, who almost steals our attention with the beautiful hair, the beautiful jewelry. It is almost a guaranteed win. When we look at the guy, he seems to fit the pretty boy stereo type. I wonder if he is gay and effeminate. I should compare the men's underwear photos to the men's hosiery photos, and try figure out how one can be sold in department stores, and not the other. Maybe that is what I should write about.

What other things do you think that she did correctly?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bay's Hosiery Photos Has Photo Edited Colours

I noticed that The Bay's hosiery page has photos of some of the products that I offer. I felt intimidated for a moment, but when I realized that they do not display the package, I felt a bit of relief.

I noticed another thing. Most of those products are supposed to be sheer, and the photos give the impression that they are semi opaque or mostly opaque. This is because they used photo editing to produce pictures of the different colours, instead of taking completely separate photos for each style's colour.

I hope that I never resort to that kind of photo editing. I think that it is okay for certain colours, but it is completely inappropriate for most colours.

To understand the reasoning behind my preferences, think about why we want to look at photos at all. It is because we want an accurate representation of the product that we will order. We do not want to order something that looks completely different, do we?

What do you think? Are you able to shop from stores with inaccurate pictures?

Thank you for reading!

Monday, May 14, 2012

No Opaques Or Sheers?!?

According to this article, some companies do not like opaque hosiery on women. I do not agree with them, because opaques have come a long way, but I do understand where they come from. At least the companies encourage sheers. The women, on the other hand, seem to be resisting. They do not like wearing sheers. It kind of bugs me.

I wish that women would be more flexible with what they wear. As it is, they have such freedom of fashion choice, that not wearing opaques or sheers seems to be such a waste.

What do you think? Would you raise a fuss, if your company said to not wear opaques?

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Men's Hosiery Sales Growing

I am pleased see that more men are interested in wearing men's hosiery. These news video and news photos of ActivSkin hosiery show things in a very positive light.

1 thing that I noticed is that they got a couple of masculine black barbers to try them on. I like that, because nobody will look at them and think that they might be gay. They were not hair dressers. They were barbers. It is guys like this that need to set the trend. In all our discussions of trends, I do not recall a single person mentioning a black guy. The fact that 1 [or both??] wore a ball cap just made things even better.

Another great aspect is that they interviewed a guy with a university degree in something fitness related. He was clean cut. Oddly enough, he was also black. He looked respectable.

Also, very interesting is that they had a fashion expert speak about it. He also was black, and clean cut. Especially noticeable was that he did not come across as gay.

I was so surprised that they told us roughly how much Steve Katz sold per year. I thought that he liked to keep it a complete secret.

To do your part for the trend, please pass that link on to a few of your friends and/or relatives. If you are still waiting to announce that you wear hosiery, then arm yourself with this link, when you explain it to people. Everything looked very respectable. Go for it!

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

IKEA Announcement

It is good to see hosiery becoming a part of more commercials. This woman looks like a respectable person, and they dressed her in hosiery. This means that hosiery is associated with a positive image.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Made Images For Price List Store

Last night, I spent hours creating images for the price list store. It amazes me how much work is required to create an image.

The website and Google required me to have a separate image for each style-colour-size combination. 5 colours and 5 sizes of a style will mean 25 separate images.

To do that, I created little colour graphics to fit in the open area of the manufacturer's package image, and garment size graphics to fit in the upper right corner of the manufacturer's package image. Together, each new image will show the style-colour-size combination.

You will see what I mean.

Thank you for reading!

Created Another Hosiery Advocate Store

I made the site to act as a price list. People can do web searches for any Doris Hosiery Mills hosiery, that independent sellers can sell, and that is not a trendy or seasonal item.

This price list will let them know if it is still available from the manufacturer. Finding out if a style-colour-size combination is still available at retail stores requires another method. Finding trendy and seasonal styles requires another site that I have planned.

The prices on the site are for large orders, and therefore only groups would prefer to purchase directly from there. However, mere mortals, like you and me, can still reference the site for what is available, as mentioned in the first paragraph. That being said, any customer can contact me for smaller purchases, and hopefully, somebody will. We will see.

The site is not ready yet, so I will show it to you later. I do not even have a site logo there.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Silks Basic Opaques [Styles #2010 & #19020]

I will remove this brand from my store, so that I can make room for Energizers Medium Support Opaque Tight [style #19284]. The rest of my post is merely a record of the information that I had on the product.

Wore Hosiery To Volunteer For Research

Yesterday, I had to participate in a research project. They wanted to know about our the health of our hip joints. They told us that we would need to wear shorts, so that they could examine our legs and hips. I wore my usual: grubby grey shorts, and black footless hosiery.

Most of the time was spent filling in survey questions on 1 of their laptop computers. For the most part, this was mundane and uneventful. They needed me for 2 other things: physical examination by a physiotherapist; x-ray of my hip joints.

For my physical examination, I guessed that they did not need to see the skin of my legs, so I did not think that wearing very opaque hosiery would cause problems. It turns out that I was wrong. The therapist asked me to remove my hosiery. I was almost going to take them off right in front of her, but I had a sneaking suspicion that she did not have that in mind. :^D So, I waited until she left the room.

When she examined me, she got me to lie down on a therapy bed [or something like that], and then she manipulated my leg through a series of movements to see how I felt in the hip joints. Everything turned out okay. I was happy with the way that she dealt with me. I find that even when people touch me in a clinical way, it tends to make me feel nice.

After I was done, I put my hosiery on again, and continued on.

During the x-ray portion of my time there, the gal said something about my tights and shorts. I assumed that she wanted me to take off my shorts, and that my hosiery was enough of a covering.

The truth is that I was comfortable taking off my shorts right there, and we were in a hallway! I am not an exhibitionist. I was just tired and a tiny bit nervous. Most importantly, there were no people in the hallway, and I had a pair of bicycle shorts length hosiery over top of my footless hosiery. The bicycle shorts length hosiery was almost all opaque, and the other pair seemed to be completely opaque. I do not normally like to take my clothes off in public. I promise!

Even right now, I am not sure about what she had in mind. She ended up offering me a pair of shorts, though. When she did that, she sounded as if she were backtracking, and embarrassed that she even said anything about me taking off my shorts. The shorts that she gave me reminded me of low quality hospital pajamas. They were not thick, but they were not super thin. I doubt that anybody would try to steal them.

During the x-rays, she had to position my legs. She did not seem to have any problems with holding on to my hosiery clad legs.

I will not flatter myself and pretend that these 2 women wanted to see me without my shorts, but it did seem kind of odd. It was probably all in my imagination. Maybe I just want attention more than I realize! ;^D

On the way home, I stopped at a transit station [Richmond-Brighouse Station], so that I could connect to a bus. I ended up sitting for quite a while, and the gal next to me chatted with me.

Later, she asked me if I just rode my bike. I told her that I did not, and then asked her if she was asking because of my hosiery. When I said that, I lifted a knee and rubbed it to show her what I was talking about. She seemed to stumble over her words, and then explained that it was my clothing style that she was referring to. I honestly think that the hosiery was what caught her attention. Spandex and nylon give people a sporty look, when worn properly. I used the opportunity to tell her about my desire to bring about a fashion trend. Sadly, I do not remember if I told her about men wearing hosiery. :^( She saw what I was wearing, though. :^)

The day seemed successful. At least 3, women, and maybe 2 others, learned that guys wear hosiery. There was nothing impressive, but I hope that they liked what they saw.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sharing Hosiery With Family Members?

Have you ever had to share your hosiery with your family members, because you could not afford enough of them? I suppose that it is possible. Do you know of any friends who do or did likewise?

I saw a video the other day, where a woman had to share her hosiery when she was young. That seemed kind of odd to me, but it makes sense. Not everybody has enough money, right? She mentioned that not all of them could go out, because not all of them could be properly dressed.

That makes me sad. I wish that there was a way for us to give them hosiery, or provide it at a discount. Maybe if we could sterilize hosiery, and mend any holes, then we would be able to give away used hosiery. Do you think that it would be good if it were possible?

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Phantom's Silks Hosiery Still Available In Vancouver

Although Silks hosiery is no longer manufactured by Phantom, you could still buy them at 2 small shops of Vancouver, at Sears and at The Bay.

I was really surprised by how old the packaging was at the small shops. I think that the hosiery in the small shops was at least 5 - 10 years old. It is kind of sad.

In the small shops, the Silks hosiery seems to be just basic Silks sheers. I even found Hanes Alive, and Hanes has not been in Canada for ages. In Sears, I found Silks waistless sheers. In The Bay, I found Silks waistless sheers also. What was interesting though, is that at The Bay I found Silks waistless tights in java size 1 and java size 3. I found it so surprising, because I thought that they would have run out by now. I also thought that they only gave the older styles to the independent sellers.

If you want to buy Silks #2395 in java size 1 or 3, then let me know. I can pick some up for you.

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lots Of Hosiery Clad Legs On Thursday

I had a couple of things that I needed to do on Thursday, in Vancouver. I spent a lot of time looking at women's legs. So uncharacteristic of me, right? Yeah, I know. The main point that I want to get across is that they seem to be wearing nice hosiery, as opposed to the cheap stuff. I so badly wanted to reach out and touch their legs. Many of them wore business skirts too. It is sad that we do not have more women doing it, but there was a lot to be grateful for on Thursday!

Thank you, women of Great Vancouver Regional District!

Thank you for reading!

Added Product Information In Catergories Of Hosiery Advocate's Boutique

Somebody came by my store, looking for information on what a shadow toe is. Unfortunately, I did not post the information at the time. This morning, I updated the 4 subcategories of the category, Foot Features, and some other subcategories. You can click on them to see FAQs and products.

Thank you for reading!

Tide Pods Commercial

It is good to see hosiery playing a colourful part in creating a fun feeling. The rest of my post contains the video.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Will Not Partner With

I find it a little odd that the owner is not interested in having me help him out. I was willing to work on his web site for free. I do not think that I was asking much. I just needed a password. I was not going to force anything on him.

Yesterday, I chatted with him. It had been a long time since he replied or gave me a chance to chat with him. He seemed very firm in that he did not want me to help him. This was in stark contrast to before. When we first chatted, it seemed that he was inviting me into the company to help develop the brands or make good suggestions for the company.

Maybe I misunderstood him at the beginning, and he just did not know how to explain it. This time around, he seemed like he was hiding the fact that he was upset.

Perhaps he was upset that I have not sold much of the hosiery that he sent me. I do not understand why he would feel this way. I specifically told him that I would not be able to sell any.

Perhaps it is all a misunderstanding. Hopefully it is.

Now I will just focus on selling whatever he sends me, and in the mean time develop a brand and style that I could buy from him.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update Your Desktop Calendars

A while ago, I suggested downloading hosiery photos for your computer desktop. I just realized that it is time to update the photo for May.

Thank you for reading!