Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 Boxes Of Hosiery Arrived

I feel like a child on Christmas morning, who still feels the wonder and magic of the season.

Yesterday, a new shipment finally arrived after a long wait. I knew that some of the products that I ordered were not in the shipment, but that is okay.

Since there were 2 boxes, it was nice to guess which box contained which items. I was wrong.

Because I ordered so long ago, I forgot that I ordered Energizers Medium Support Tights in grey, and so it was such a nice surprise to see it buried underneath the other pairs of hosiery.

I was especially happy to receive Energizers Medium Support Tights in grey [i.e.: graphite colour]. This means that I now have a wider variety in my shop. Most importantly, though, it means that I have a wider variety of my favourites. I do not expect this sell at all, and I bought it for me.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hosiery Dream

Earlier today, I dreamt that I showed up to a formal evening in hosiery and shorts. I cannot believe embarrassed I felt. Even if I wore my best shorts, it still would not compensate for whatever I wore on top. I think that it was a nice business casual shirt, but still.

People seemed friendly, and accepting, but it did not seem good enough for me. I have a feeling that many of you might feel embarrassed too.

If you saw somebody wearing shorts and hosiery at a formal event, that was not tuxedo event, then would you respect that person?

Thank you for reading!

Hosiery Advocate's Boutique Still Doing Well

In October and the first part of Nombember, Hosiery Advocate's Boutique has been doing so well, that I ran out of a couple of style-colour-size combinations. That's exciting, considering both of the combinations were slow sellers. There was also the combination from before. I placed a couple of orders to bring me back to full inventory, and even had to order a lot of stamps from Canada Post.

I was fortunate to have a new big buyer find me, and she has the potential to become a loyal buyer. I even had a guy express interest in buying. We will have to see what happens with him, though.

I see brighter days at the boutique! Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Semi Opaque Hosiery As Pants

To celebrate my quitting a painful job, I went to the mall to treat myself to a smoothie and a sundae. Whenever I go to the mall, I usually like to people watch. I always try to keep an eye out for the girls and their legs.

I could not help but notice that a girl wore semi opaque hosiery with a long shirt. In fact, I would not really call it a long shirt, since it was so short, that her shirt accidentally got pulled up, and revealed her underwear. Underneath her hosiery, were blue or turquoise panties. :^D

I think that she wore reinforced or smooth to waist hosiery.

I must say that I do find it attractive and appalling at the same time. I think that we need to be more modest, but the lustful guy in me always seeks out these girls in public. :^D I also kind of appreciate the boldness that they have.

That being said, modesty is more important.

Could any of you tolerate the fashion of wearing hosiery with no dress, long shirt, skirt, shorts, or pants??

Thank you for reading!

I Quit The Factory Job

As bad as it is to quit a job, I was about to be let go, any ways. I could have worked harder, but I have been trying for over 3 months with not much progress. Quitting and avoiding 1 to 2 weeks of agony was worth it.

The reason that I share this with you is to announce that I now have smoother hand skin. It is not the most exciting news, but it is interesting to me.

Thank you for reading!