Monday, April 29, 2013

Phantom Outlet Store Sells Phantom Hosiery

I thought that the Phantom Outlet Store would have closed, when Phantom Industries shut down. Apparently, we can still buy the hosiery.

I sent a message to them to see how we can get some. I will keep you updated.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Found Another Seller Of Phantom Silks

A week and a half ago, I went into a store that I found to count up the quantities of Silks hosiery that they have. I am really happy for fans of Phantom Silks, because they now have a new stash of hosiery.

Unfortunately for the seller, she gets so little customer interest in hosiery, that people are not looking at the products. They have been there since well before 2011. I am confident that she bought them before the buyout.

Fortunately for the fanatic enthusiasts, that source of hosiery will almost definitely be there for years to come.

To help her get rid of it, I spent time organizing the racks, so that the hosiery would be easy to find. It was all volunteer work, but it is important to me that she be able to get rid of it. She was happy with my work, so she gave me a package of coffee flavoured candies.

I wore my shorts and opaque footless hosiery during my visit.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Found Phone Number

I just had to do a whois look up for their web site address. The information contains a phone number and street address.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Selling Off Most Of Hosiery

Last week, I managed to get in touch with a customer, who has been trying to reach me for months. I always replied to the emails, but my messages have not been getting through. I finally dialed the long distance number, and we managed to work out a deal.

Most of the work involved counting up stock, and checking for sizes. In other words, I checked up on everything, and provided product knowledge.

My loyal readers, with good memories, will remember that sent me hosiery to sell. I never had to pay for it up front, so it was good deal for me. I felt bad for quite some time, because I did not expect to be able to sell it. Now that this customer is buying most of it, I feel like I have achieved a huge goal. The truth is that God did the work in this instance.

The customer was attracted to the mentioning of the hosiery being similar to Wolford or better in quality. The customer ordered dozens of pairs of hosiery, in all sizes that could fit, and all colours that she typically wears.

1 interesting fact that will interest you: the husband did the talking and buying for the wife. The wife was happy to trust him. I thought that that was cool.

Since does not seem to be making any hosiery in the near future, this hosiery is of limited quantity, which is unfortunate. Fortunately, there are a few smaller sizes left.

The part that means the most to me is the money that I will be able to send to, which will support a small business and local manufacturing. Unfortunately, I do not know how to send the money to him. I might just mail a cheque, or just place an order on the web site. The funny thing is that I expect neither of these methods to work, because he might not see it.

If you have any suggestions on how to get in touch with, then please let me know.

Thank you for reading! Still In Business???

I have been trying to contact lately, but they have not replied to me. Somebody in the business must certainly use the internet, so I have difficulty believing that they are unable to reply to me. I even phoned them, and the number is no longer in service. is a small Canadian hosiery manufacturer, which I would like to do business with.

I searched around on the web, and found that they have a different address than the address they used to ship to me.

Have any of you heard from them? Are any of you in contact with them?

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Touched A Gal's Hosiery Clad Leg

Last week, I went to a film set. I noticed that a couple of the gals were asked to put on a dress. They ended up wearing nude sheer hosiery for whatever reason. It brought a nice smile to my face. I did not have my contact lenses, but I still saw the nice even texture of the fabric, and even a bit of a sheen.

I was fortunate enough to be paired up with gal #2 in a scene, so there was an opportunity to spend time with her and chat. Generally speaking, though, we are not supposed to chat in between takes, but we did anyways.

At the beginning of the filming of the scene, the first assistant director asked us to take off our shoes and walk, because the film crew did not want anybody making any noises. I was sad for me, because I hate walking outside of my home without shoes. I even hate walking in my home without slippers. I hesitated and explained my discomfort, and he offered to give me a pair of socks in exchange for my compliance. I agreed. I still did not want to, but I did not want to put up a fuss. I was pretty happy, though, about her walking in pantyhosed feet. I was very happy, actually. :^)

As you can imagine, when we first took our shoes off, I looked down at her feet. They were nice. I will let you imagine how they looked.

I am sure that you will not be too surprised to know that I asked her what brand and style she was wearing. She did not know, because she memorized where she got it from, without remembering the name or style. She explained that every time she went on a trip to Hong Kong, she would buy some to last her for a while, and just never bothered to memorize the name.

I am not surprised, because the Chinese packaging that I see in Canada does not seem to emphasize the name brand much. However, I do not speak Chinese, so I cannot say for sure. Also, when I went to work in China, the street vendors sold hosiery without a tag or branded packaging. They just hung the hosiery from a rod that was like a coat rack. I think that the hosiery came only in 1 size.

She asked me why I wanted to know.

I explained that I sold it and that I liked it. They were good excuses, because they were true, and because she believed them.

Afterwards, I instinctively reached out to touch her leg, but I pulled back and looked at her.

She gestured towards her leg.

I took that as an offer. The hosiery felt quite nice. Honestly, I had no idea of what Chinese hosiery would feel like. I had the impression that the quality was not as good as ours.

You know that hosiery that you enjoy looking at in the Canadian department stores? I would say that her hosiery actually felt comparable to mid-range department store brand hosiery.

I thought that that would be all of my hosiery fun for the day, but that was not all! Later on, we had to duck down, to get out of the camera's view and to avoid blocking the light. This was an opportunity for her to get off her feet and on to her lower legs. Her dress came down to about mid thigh, when she stood up, so you can imagine how it looked, when got onto her lower legs and leaned forward. It came up so much, that I could see the hosiery run guard at the top of the leg, and at the bottom of the panty. Even with my blurry eyes, due to not wearing glasses or contacts, it was still a sight to behold.

Afterwards, we got changed. I asked her about how her hosiery was doing. After all, I figured that she probably wore them out on the rough floor. She held them up for me, and said, "See? They're fine.". I wonder if I kept a straight face.

Seeing her undamaged hosiery was useful, though. I think that the trick to protecting hosiery on rough surfaces when walking is to just pick up the feet when walking.

That was pretty much the end of it for her, however, there was a bit more later on, with somebody else. I was partnered up with another gal. She looked beautiful, and we seemed to like each other. Unfortunately, she wore pants. I know. It is sad, isn't it? :^D I wanted to be a good influence on her, so when I got the chance, I asked who she thought was the best dressed. I pointed to the other performers outside.

She chose gal #3, who wore black footless opaques! When I asked her why, she never mentioned the hosiery, but I agreed that that gal did seem to look the best. I was grateful, because it meant that I would not have to work as hard to convince my new friend that the footless hosiery was important to a good outfit. I briefly mentioned the hosiery to my friend, and we changed the subject. I hope that I left a lasting impression.

I think that I should practise finding opportunities to discuss with them guys wearing hosiery. Now that I think about it, I could have just asked what they thought about guys wearing, as a change of topic.

So, in summary, I saw a gal's pantyhosed feet, I touched her leg, I saw her run guard, and I tried to convince somebody that hosiery looks nice. Unfortunately, I never got to share with any of them, that I wore, but it was still a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last Week Was Great!

I had a few interesting things happen to me, last week. I will share try to share details each day.

Any new stuff happen to you guys?

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Martha Lane Fox In Grey Opaque Hosiery

She ought to be known as UK's Digit Champion. However, we might rather know her as woman in grey opaques and with a walking stick.

I do not mean to belittle her intellectual achievements, but she looks very beautiful. I find it interesting that the hosiery does not seem to just hide any possible blemishes, but they seem to go well with her walking stick. If you were to search for images and videos of her, then you'll find that she has different styled walking sticks. They are not very noticably different, but you could see some patterned sticks. I wonder if it is wise for her to match her hosiery to her walking stick. What do you think about that?

Getting back on track, though, I think that hosiery does an excellent job of covering the blemishes after an operation [even though Martha might not need it].

What do you think of her sense of style? Did she choose the right colours? Do you like her outfit?

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Might Add BigDoor Services To Hosiery Sites

They seem to offer more features at the free service level.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Might Add PunchTab Services To Hosiery Sites

I am learning about gamification, and I would like to add PunchTab services to this blog, and other Hosiery Advocate sites. This blog post is just a reminder to me, but I would love to read your thoughts on gamifying hosiery sites.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shorts Worn With Hosiery Seems To Be Coming Back

It seems that the ladies are at it again: hosiery worn with shorts. Take note that not all of them are wearing just opaques or just sheers. 1 of them is wearing sheers.

I noticed an interesting theme. None of them had high cut boots. Nothing went far past the ankles, and the majority of them were below. I think that it gives the women a more polished look. Contrast those shoes and low cut boots with the boots in the photo below.

I like Ugg boots, but they can appear clunky, if they are not part of a heavy winter outfit.

Do you agree?

I like all of the looks almost equally, but I think that Zoey Deschanel looks the prettiest.

It is not just for winter and cold months, though. You can do this for warmer months with light colours, as seen below, from this article.

What do you think? Comment below, and vote at the bottom of the first article.

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Sheers And Back Seams As Pants

Kate Moss has no shame. She boldly shows her stuff, with just enough to cover any private parts.

Kate Moss wearing sheer hosiery as pants?

See the article for a glimpse of a bit of her butt cheek.

I had thought that sheers as pants, and opaques as pants, had died a horrible death, and that leggings as pants were on the way out as well, but maybe she can revive it. Also, think about what Jessica Alba wore: that was pretty short. Is Kate Moss doing a good job of it? Does she offer a good example of what to wear?

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Pretty Japanese School Girls Blown Away

This page has nice photos of Japanese girls pretending to be blown away by mystical powers.

If you skim down, then you should see this photo.

I see a couple pairs of what must be sheer full length, as well as stay ups, and what appears to be gartered sheers. Let me know if I am right.

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