Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Gathering And Fiore Tights

I decided to wear footed hosiery this time. I think that the only hosiery that I wore to my family gatherings have been footless hosiery. I am too lazy to check my previous entries. Since I have not epilated in many weeks, I decided to go with something opaque.

At the time that I decided what to wear, I did not like Raisa hosiery too much, since it did not feel as smooth, and it appeared to be like cotton hosiery, which appears rough. However, I thought that it might be an ideal style to wear, since I did not want to ruin my favourite hosiery by walking on carpet.

[Be sure to read my hosiery review for Raisa by Fiore.]

product photo

It turned out to be for the best, because you could see some skin, when the legs were bent, but you could not see the hairs very well.

I have changed my mind about them. Although they look and feel a tiny bit rough, they are soft too, and they are ideal for guys who want to wear footed hosiery, without shaving legs. You still get a smooth appearance [smooth to waist, in fact!], while not having to worry about hairy legs under hosiery. I think that this should be thought of as the average guy's hosiery. I highly recommend it.

An interesting thing happened. When I was sitting down to eat, my brother was sitting on the floor, and I was sitting on a chair next to him. He tapped my leg with the back of his hand to get my attention to speak to me, but I did not realize it at first. I thought that he touched me by accident. This shows me that he has come a long ways in his acceptance of me wearing, and is even willing to tough my legs. I think that it is just a matter of time before people accept men wearing hosiery, but we have to maintain masculinity in our outfits.

A good lesson: be persistent. We do not want to repeat the same failed attempts, but we do want to keep trying slightly modified ideas.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cosplay With Brown Opaque Hosiery?

Do you enjoy wearing costumes? If you want to add a touch of brown to it, then now is the time to try out some Canadian hosiery at a discount.

I am sure that the costs of buying costumes adds up after a while. Keep your costs down with brown opaque hosiery in size 2 at warehouse prices. These particular pairs come with a waistband-free panty.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Will Order More Hosiery Waistband-free Hosiery

Within 13 days of the last 17 days, I have received 4 orders. That totally surprised me. I am actually very shocked that it all worked out so well. Each of the orders were for hosiery that I had in stock. It felt good to be able to reduce quantities of hosiery that seem to move slowly.

I have so many pairs, that I am not sure that I can ever finish using them before I die.

Jessica, of Fantasy Stockings, said that once the weather cools down, I should be getting more hosiery. This seems to be the case.

Therefore, I am tempted to order more hosiery from the manufacturer. The problem is that ordering too much of some product means that my money is used for hosiery that might never sell, or it might sell slowly.

I must have spent around an hour playing with some numbers to see how I might be able to deal with the problem. I think that I figured it out. I will not give any clues, because I do not want to help my competitors, unless they pay for consulting services. I can say, though, that the stock will be kept low enough to keep me happy, if I closed the business today. I will have many pairs to use up, but the amount will be much lower than I have kept in the past.

This means that I can keep my business going indefinitely. I am happy about that, because keeping hosiery available for customers is 1 of the best ways to advocate hosiery.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Wearing Pants Instead Of Shorts To Work

I feel like I have done the unthinkable.

From the waist down, I wear longjohns and a windbreaker type of pants. Those work well. I am warm enough to sweat, while walking and running to the bus.

From the waist up, I wear an undershirt under turtle neck, which is under a t-shirt, which is under an ugly sweater if necessary, and under a jacket as necessary. I take the sweater and jacket off, when working on the machinery, and keep them on, when I am just removing products from the machine.

The weather got so cold, and the factory felt worse. The factory shipping doors are left open so that clean air can blow through. This means that even with thick hosiery, I feel like I am in a cold freezer. I do not think that we have any heaters.

I feel a bit guilty, because I have often said that we should wear hosiery in cold weather as well. After all, hosiery is supposed to keep us warm, and for the most part, this is true. I went an entire year wearing hosiery outdoors. It is possible, but we have to bundle up with a coat, when going outside.

In a factory, this is not always possible, because sometimes, we need to put our arms into the machine, and it is not safe to do that with long sleeves.

Unfortunately, the pants have just got holes in the right pocket. I know that I can fix it, but is it worth it? You tell me. The waistband is falling apart. There are other holes in the same pocket. I doubt that spending time sewing it is worth while. That being said, the leg part of the pants are doing well, so if I strengthen the seam of the pocket, I would get a lot of use out of the pants.

In the mean time, I will go back to wearing shorts and hosiery again, unless I come up with a different plan. If my legs get too wet from the wind, rain, and snow, then I could wear the pants under the shorts.

I thought a lot about why it seemed so easy to wear hosiery and shorts during -20 C weather, yet it seemed so difficult to do it during work. I think that it is because of the air blowing through. With flowing air, we have a wind chill, and even with temperatures above 15 C, it can really take away our body heat. Normally, when going outside, we do not stand still. We are often going to the bus stop or wherever. This allows us to move, which generates heat. In the factory, I am moving too, but not enough. I typically stay in only one small area.

I suppose that I could wear fleece hosiery, but I prefer to save them for special occasions.

After going through all of this, I do not feel so obligated to wear hosiery all the time. It is like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. We will see what happens.

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Clearance: Silks Waistband-free Tights [8 Pairs Of Style #19295 Java Size 2]

[Originally published on August 4, 2013, 4:50 AM.]

At Hosiery Advocate's Boutique, I always try to do quality assurance on everything that comes in.

I have 8 pairs of them, with small dots that were there probably from the dying process. They are about the size of a felt pen tip, that kids would use in school. They might wash out, but maybe not, but no matter what, I am happy to get rid of them at my costs plus shipping to you.

To see photos of the defects, read the full blog post.

This is a good opportunity for you to try the waistband-free panty, the flat seams, and the long legs.

This is also a good opportunity to buy hosiery for your Halloween costume.

For Canadians, this means $9.85, with shipping included. No taxes will be collected. That translates to a savings of $7.50. You get your order shipped the same day.

For other countries, leave a comment below, telling me what country you want to ship to, and then I will make a button for you.

Small Dots On Leg

This has small dots on the mid to lower leg, and is very usable for customers who wear long skirts, or customers who just want something to cover the leg.

Small Dots On Ankle

This has small dots on the ankle, and is very usable for customers who wear boots above the ankle, or customers who just want something to cover the leg.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Used Hosiery: Horse Hair For Halloween Prop

To have a good costume, you often need a prop. Jessica, of FanstasyStocking, shares this photo of nylons being used as long horse hair.

toy horse head on stick with nylons as horse hair

What do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

I came up with a suggstion. See the remainder of the blog post to read it, but before you do, think of your own ideas for improvement, and then leave them in the comments below.