Thursday, January 30, 2014

Museum Gave Away Nylon Products

They even gave away the first seamless stockings. I thought that that was kind of neat.

This museum put on an exhibit about the invention of nylon, and the progress that they made in hosiery and fashion. For souvenirs, they gave away the first nylon fibres and other niffty things.

I wonder what the first stocking looked like. Perhaps they looked like dollar store hosiery, because everything was new, and therefore low quality. I doubt it. They probably looked quite nice.

If I got a free pair of hosiery that old, then I would be tempted to wear it, because I want to konw what the women felt. Would you wear it or save it?

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Use Caution When Wearing Shapewear Like Spanx

They compress your organs and can create bad posture. Shapewear is usually made for style and not health.

Malaysian Digest Has a nice article about it.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Raiders Cheerleaders Have To Pay For Pantyhose

This is so sad. I consider pantyhose for cheerleaders to be part of the uniform, and therefore, they should not be required to pay for them with their own pay cheques. It would be like paying for their own uniforms, and the boss profiting from it. Just because the boss does not profit from it, it does not make it fair.

If the cheerleaders were paid as much as the athletes, then it is more appropriate for them to pay for their own pantyhose, since it is consumable and since they can afford it, and since they need to try to be careful with them.

I am willing to sell them hosiery at cost, while they sort out their problems. If anybody can put me in touch with the cheerleaders, then please do. Before I make any commitments, I would need to confirm with them that I can actually get the brand-style-colour-size combinations that they need. Please pass this blog post on to your friends. Eventually, it will reach the cheerleaders.

I all ready checked the raiders site, and I do not see any way of getting in touch with them directly. I have a feeling that any messages that I send will get filtered out by the people in charge. Also, there are so many official sponsors that I do not know if my store is big enough to become an official sponsor.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Buy Silks Desire Online

I plan on selling Silks Desire. If you would like to see a particular style-colour-size combination stocked first, then please let me know below.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Buy Silks Essentials Online

I plan to sell Silks Essentials. If you have an interest in a particular style-colour-size combination, then please let me know below.

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