Here are some people that I try to keep in touch with.

Fantasy Stockings

Jessica has made it known that she is from Vancouver, BC, and that caught my attention. I am from Surrey, BC, but we are able to visit each other easily, since we use the same transit system. I like being able to visit a hosiery enthusiast without travelling the world. You will like seeing her photos and her videos of herself.

Be careful: not all of the photos are modest.

Legwear Fashion For Men

Andreas Lucius is another male hosiery wearer, who is more fashion conscious than the rest of us. I think that you will enjoy reading his product reviews and his photos of his outfits. I believe that his outfits are much more fasionable and wearable for people like us. Unfortunately, I do not wear many nice outfits, these days, but I think that he can the positive influence that our community needs.

Relax: at the time of writing [October 20, 2012], all of the photos seem to be very modest.

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