Monday, June 1, 2015

Won Silver Grey Semi Opaques In @silkshosiery Contest

This is exciting. Frankly, winning any contest is exciting, but when we win hosiery, it is that much more exciting.

A while ago, Silks offered winners a pair of silver grey coloured semi opaques.

Unfortunately, I can tell you only very little about it, because this came in a generic package, which told us nothing. There is no size information, and no fibre content.

This is like another pair that they gave out, in that it has a smooth to waist panty portion. It has a cotton gusset, and no toe reinforcement.

Unfortunately, silver grey opaques are not popular enough for Silks to continue offering it. They do have some discontinued silver opaques in size A, though.

I have yet to put this pair on, but I can see that it is very soft, and I know that I will enjoy it. It will be a little more delicate than the other Silks opaques that I enjoy, because this is not as thick as those.

Thank you for reading!