Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Helpful Spammer?

I got a message through the contact page of my e-commerce site. An agency [Fashion-Team] wants to offer its manufacturing services to me. I did not look into the details very much, but they seem European. They do not seem to specialize in hosiery, but they do seem to have a bit of experience in it.

So far, they seem very straight forward in their approach, and I like that. I am waiting for a quote to see how much they can do for a specific amount of money.

So, it seems that my dream of making long hosiery is still alive!

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Purple Opaque Hosiery For The Win

Those of you who like purple opaques might enjoy seeing this American Idol star. Colourful opaques are always a playful way to dress up.

It is a bit harder for guys to do it, but we still can. We can aim for a sporty look. Do you have any other ideas?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mantyhose Is Progressing In New York

It is comforting to know that more people are trying mantyhose, and that they are enjoying it.

I think that this particular news item is noteworthy, because this guy, who tried it, is a model. He is willing to wear it in New York, and his style is quite nice. He shows an entire outfit in this article's video.

I think that some people have more influence than others on our culture's sense of fashion. I think that this guy is 1 of them. I am so glad that they found somebody to try it on.

Please share the story!

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Andreas Lucius Loh: Misc. Questions

Hey, enthusiasts! This is the last part of the interview with Andreas. It is never too late to ask questions. If you think that I did not go into it deeply enough, then help me out. :^)

For those of you just joining us, here are the other parts of the interview.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jessica Alba Shows Guys How To Put Some Effort Into It

Her beautiful hosiery covered legs remind me of dumplings. Nom! Nom! Nom! Yum, yum! They look so healthy.

She looked good early in the day, when she watched a fashion show. On the outside, she only wore a short top, hosiery, and highheels. Her outfit clearly demonstrates how we can get away with so much, even with only a few items.

Jessica Alba in a nice outfit

See the article for more photos.

For more convincing proof, look at the article's second photo. Who would you rather be? Both have nice hair, nice makeup, a nice top, and nice shoes. To me, there seems to be a world of a difference. I would rather look like Jessica Alba. Guys, we would insist that women put on nice hosiery, right?

I definitely think so, but what should us guys wear? The solution seems obvious. We would need to wear shorts, and nice hosiery as well. Robert Safko, from, says that women buy expensive products, so maybe men should, too. You would not appreciate women buying $1 hosiery, would you? If we want them to invest in quality hosiery, then maybe we should too. He also says that if guys expect women to wear them often, then we should too. In fact, maybe men should lead the way.

Some of you might hesitate, because you do not have nice outfits, and because women have more flexibility. That is all true. I do not have many nice outfits, either. However, that should not stop us.

To see how flexible hosiery and shoes can be, scroll down to the article's last 3 photos. Jessica Alba has the same shoes and hosiery. Beautiful, right? So, do not compare your outfits to the women's outfits. We can make do with what we have.

Perhaps, you think that women should lead the way in wearing hosiery? Please explain in the comments below. Perhaps you think that I am wrong. Maybe men should not dress up as much as women. What do you think?

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Andreas Lucius Loh: International Photographer [soon to be, that is]

For those of you just joining us, read the rest of the interview by clicking on a link below.

Read the rest of the blog post for the interview.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hosiery Advocate's Business Phone Number Has Been Posted

At the boutique's contact page, you should be able to find the business number.

I am so excited. :^) I cannot wait until I get my first phone call.

The phone service is provided by Shaw, so some people might be able to call long distance for free.

If any of you want to chat briefly, then feel free to call. No sexual stuff, please.

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Just Got Business Phone Number

This is exciting. My dad had a VOIP phone number that he was not using, so he let me take it for my business.

Just before the weekend, somebody phoned my home line to order hosiery. At first, she got the answering machine, and she did not believe that she had the correct phone number, since she expected a business phone line. This said to me, that I really need to get a business line.

When I recalled that my dad refused to use what is now my business line, I got permission to use it.

I cannot wait to say for the first time, Hosiery Advocate's Boutique. How may I help you?. :^D

The next step is to check if there are any long distance fees. I figure that it should not cost anything, since it is the Internet, but I bet the companies want to make money anyways.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Exec Who Launched L'eggs Died

On Feb. 26, 2013, Robert E. Elberson died in his home at age 84. I feel a sense of loss. See the Bloomberg news article for more details.

1 interesting lesson that we can learn from this man is that even though hosiery is thought of as a female garment, men can make a huge impact. Let us aspire to be like him, okay?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Unusual Hosiery Quote Of The Day

I was suprised to read this, I'm struggling to see the relevance but if you insist: Your average politician prefers wearing 40 denier stockings under their trousers. Garters are optional., in a discussion about politics and bicycling. That site is for nerds and geeks, and I assume that most do not know what denier is.

Do you think that the user thinks that snobs wear 40 denier stockings??

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Went Outside In Mostly Opaque Support Hosiery

Today, I spent time cleaning up around the home, and it involved taking things outside into a storage room. I appreciated the opportunity to let the warm sun shine on my legs. It was a refreshing change of pace.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

New Business Opportunities

Yesterday, I went to Langley to meet up with Maureen from Lovely Legs And Intimates, so that I could purchase Silks lacetop stockings [by Phantom]. We ran late and chatted a while. It kind of bugged me, because I wanted to be able to do everything on 1 bus ticket.

However, it was good to chat with her, and hear how she was doing. She was grateful for the work that I am doing, since I am liquidating stock for her.

I also discovered that the nearby mall, Willowbrook Shopping Centre, had almost everything that I needed. I found out that there is an Orange Julius there, and a couple of department stores, where I have gift certificates. Also, nearby is a grocery store that is associated with my bank, so I am able to make use of a bank machine there. I also found a street letter box, nearby, so everything is within walking distance of a bus route that connects to my home.

The street letter box is important, because I might need to send out a shipment. I could buy products from somewhere in the area, or from somebody, who I might meet there, and then just send everything off.

In short, this gives me good access to all I need to meet people and to run my business, and to just go to some place kind of nice.

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