Friday, July 18, 2014

Had Hosiery Dream

It was so weird. It was almost like an episode of "Three's Company".

During part of the dream, I hid amongst a group of women, who seemed to be wearing pants.

I was not under a table, at first, but as dreams go, that changed for no apparent reason. I was crouched down, and not on my feet, which means my shins were on the ground, and the soles of my feet were facing up. For some odd reason, 1 of them started singing and rubbing 1 of my arms with her foot. I expected her to stop and/or to move her foot, but she kept going, so I assumed that she believed that she was touching a part of her body that was numb.

Then for no apparent reason, another woman started doing it, but she stroked the sole of my foot. I must say that it felt quite nice.

Somehow, I appeared in another of the dream world, which means that I got out. There were no problems, so I assumed that I got out safely.

It was so funny.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Got Dishwashing Job

This past Friday was my first day.

They provide a uniform, so there is no real significant opportunity to wear shorts and hosiery at work.

I could show up in shorts and hosiery, and then get changed, but I get so sweaty on the way, due to the weather, and then sweat more at work. I would rather just change into the pants that they provide before I leave the house.

I thought about wearing support hosiery, while there. I find that my legs feel swollen, even though they probably are not that bad at all. Unfortunately, the hot kitchen makes my legs sweaty, and then the pants grip my legs so much. On a positive note, it would mean that I would have an excuse to try out a pair of hosiery from my own stock.

The thing that you and I are most interested in is whether or not the staff would accept me, even though I wear hosiery. I think that they would, because they are an extremely friendly group, and I respect the fact that they introduce themselves to me instead of waiting for me to introduce myself to them.

I will probably hang out with them eventually, if I stay at the job long enough. Maybe then they will find out about me wearing hosiery.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tried Sell Hosiery At A Festival

On Saturday, I was given a booth/table to sell stuff. I brought out the Canadian Legging hosiery, because I did not want to risk damaging my Silks hosiery and Energizers hosiery. I have been to a flea market before, but this is the first time that I actually put some effort into getting organized. I tried to get a table cloth ready, and a kit box to hold it and the pantyhose. I also tried to get a bit of spare change.