Hi! I'm Eugene Wong, also known as Hosiery Advocate.

I am a guy wear shorts and hosiery every day in public and at home. I love the way that they feel, and I love the way that they look. I think I am very privileged to wear it in the city of Surrey, BC, where people do not seem to mind guys wearing hosiery.

I use this blog to share anything hosiery related that is interesting to me, but currently, it is especially used for sharing updates regarding my e-commerce store, which is Hosiery Advocate's Boutique. I also enjoy writing positive product reviews of my competitors's products.

The blog was originally for writing about my own experiences, and was a continuation of my blog on MySpace. Unfortunately, I did not have a consistent source of income, and I had personal problems, so I decided to not go out as often. It is very hard to blog about that.

I then went on to use my writing skills and curiosity to try to make hosiery more popular. I want to advocate for everybody: men and women, consumers and businesses, employees and employers, etc. My main focus will always be on men, but there is so much room for advocating for women, too.

A while ago, I had focused on bringing my readers the following type of hosiery related content on a consistent basis, and I would like to try to get back into that in the near future.

Sundaysgames: Is She Wearing Pantyhose?; Hosiery In Wikimedia
Mondaysrecommended entertainment showing hosiery
Wednesdaysinterviews; fashion trends; fashion recommendations
Thursdaysthings to do with used hosiery
Fridaysfun polls

The main reason that I wear them is because I like the feel of the fabric. Another important reason that I wear them is because I want to try to start a fashion trend. I want to see if I can get more people wearing them. I enjoy learning about new subjects, and a while ago, I spent some time reading about trends. I wanted to put the knowledge into practise. If I could start a trend, then I would be able to change the world, without the use of debates, demonstrations, arguments, and laws. Trends are a gentler way of changing people, and it tends to make people want to do that particular thing.

Just so that you know, I will filter comments. I intend to keep us focused on fashion, and not let our fashion be associated with homosexuality, cross dressing, or tranny stuff.


  1. What you're doing, and what you want to do, sound fine to me. I wear pantyhose or tights with cut off jeans when it's cool outside, and jean skirts w/o hose when it's hot. I'm not dressing flamboyantly, and I'm not interested in looking like a woman. People need to lighten up and realize that just because the manufacturer labelled a piece of clothing a certain way, and just because the retailer put it in the women's department, we don't have to cooperate.

  2. My love of pantyhose is actually what brought my marriage to a screeching halt. My ex-wife made me so ashamed that I wear, but really, it's nobody's business. I think they're comfortable and the women who say they're not, just need to go up a size. Do I have a fetish? Yes. And I like to be up front about that right out of the gate. But I also wear them for the warmth and support; favorite brand would be L'eggs Sheer Energy Suntan or Nude, depending on availability.

    1. Hi Pete!

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'm sad to read that she didn't stick to us. It's morally wrong of her to mistreat you.

    2. I see that you have provided us with a Facebook page. That's cool. If you would like to connect with me via Facebook, then do a Facebook search for a Hosiery Advocate Page.

  3. Hello Eugene,

    Would you be interested in advocating our hosiery products. We would love to send you some products that you can try and review. our site is http://www.oyabodywear.com

  4. Hello I would love to see hosiery become a men's fashion staple. I wear secretly under suits and pants. I to have a thing for pantyhose/tights they also serve a purpose giving my legs support and warmth. I would love to wear hosiery with shorts but I know my family would not support it. Let's try to get it out there as a new fashion by some major retailer of fashion and in fashion magazines.

    1. Great! If you want to see this become more popular, then welcome to the club!

      You say that you know that your family would not support it. Would you tell us about your family? Why wouldn't they?

      We don't need the retailers or the magazines. We can do it on our own.