Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 Guys Play With Knee Highs

I have got no idea where they got the hosiery from, and I do not know who came up with the idea, but apparently, they are having fun, and are not ashamed. They put the hosiery on their heads, and then try to pull them off, by only pulling at the toe section.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Used Hosiery: Ribbon For Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Last week, I told you about using hosiery as gift wrapping ribbons, but apparently, you can use it for other kinds of ribbons, too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

L'eggs Reaction To My Complaint

I shared my discontent about L'eggs with L'eggs on its Facebook page. Here is their response.

Eugene, thank you for being such a loyal fan of hosiery and L’eggs. While the Lucky Egg Sweepstakes was open to females only, there have been and will be other opportunities for men to participate in our promotions later this year. We hear your concern and appreciate your point of view on this topic. We hope to see you participate in upcoming programs. Thanks!

I appreciate any response that I can get, but I do not accept it as a satisfactory response, because they might let us buy things in some promotions, but not give us any free stuff. If they intend to offer male-only contests, then that is something else.

A male-only contest would be a credible form of acknowledgement, but it need not cost a lot. Even if the winner only got a $10 pair + shipping and handling, I feel that it would be just great. The important things are the acknowledgement and the fun. So, the contest would have to be fun in some sort of way.

I realize that the male market is small. They do need to be careful, but contests do not have to be expensive. They could reduce the shipping costs by letting the winner buy a pair from a local store, and then reimburse him.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Perversion And The Norm

I stumbled on to this Yahoo! image, from a security camera, of an ordinarily dressed man in a store. The caption states that he was flashing women while wearing pantyhose.

It dawned on me that the problem is his intent [obviously], and the tool of choice. If it were normal for men to wear pantyhose on a daily basis, then would he really choose that? He could have chosen boxer shorts or Jockey briefs. If pantyhose were commonly worn by men, then he would probably choose something else, because he would want more of a reaction out of the women.

Do you agree with me?

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Is She Wearing Pantyhose? #82

Cheryl Cole really seems to know how to get attention, but then again, maybe it is just the lighting. Skim down to the last 2 photos in the article. As a bonus, you will see a beautiful ballet dancer in the background.

Is she wearing pantyhose in either of the photos?

Do you think that she is pretty?

Answer the questions in the comments below, please! :^)

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Used Hosiery: Ribbon For Wrapping Gifts

You could cut the legs off from the panty portion, and then sew up the ends. You then just stretch then around the pacakge, and then tie with a nice bow.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Same Person?

I came across these photos. Do you think that the gals are the same gal?

photo #1 of gal wearing stripped hosiery, and flashing a cheeky smile photo #2 of gal wearing thigh high hosiery, and flashing a cheeky smile photo #1 of gal wearing brown tan opaque hosiery, and flashing a cheeky smile

The gals seem to have the same build, and the same mouth. The hair colour is similar. Notice that the dress/skirt always seems to come down the same part of the thigh. The bangs are similar, too.

I like the brown-tan opaque hosiery the best.

Who is she or who are they?

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Movie: Jumanji

Did you guess Jumangi? If so, then good job. If not, then do not feel bad. My hints were not entirely obvious, I think.

Was this too easy? Was it too hard? Please do give feedback. Let me know whether or not you would like me to do this again.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hints For Guess The Movie Recommendation #1

Did you guess the movie? If so, then leave your guess in the comments below.

If you did not figure out what was and what was not a clue, then I present to you the 3 clues that I left, so that you can have another chance at guessing.

To see the answer, check the next blog post in 12 hours.

Is She Wearing Pantyhose? #81

Lisa Kudrow seemed to wear long skirts in Friends, but she seems more than capable of showing her legs in short tight skirts.

What do you think? Is she wearing pantyhose?

Do you think that she is pretty?

Answer the questions in the comments below, please! :^)

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Bonnie Hunt

head shot of Bonnie Hunt

I like the way that she looks, because she seems so down to earth, and presentable. I like the way that she is clean cut. I think that her humour also has a positive effect me. On the other hand, according to Wikipedia, she does not seem to have the cleanest humour.

Here is a nice photo of her at a premier for Jumangi. There are not many photos of her wearing hosiery. She seems to wear pants most of the time.

Surely I am not the only Bonnie Hunt fan! Please comment below if you are also. :^)

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Do We Stand Along Side Men Who Support L'eggs?

I assume that some men will not care about L'eggs discrimination against men. They will continue to buy L'eggs hosiery.

Perhaps they will have the best success in finding the best products for their needs, when they buy L'eggs. Since hosiery can cost a lot after many purchases, I can understand why they would avoid other brands, that might not work well for these guys.

Also, there is the shipping cost of other brands, or even the location of other brands. Maybe another brand costs a few dollars more per pair, and perhaps it also costs a few dollars more for shipping. If it does, then I can imagine the total cost being twice as much per pair.

We could always stop reading their blog posts and their tweets, but then again, we should keep in touch with those we disagree with.

We could always scold them for supporting bad companies. However, I do not really want to become a judge of who is guilty of supporting L'eggs. I do not want to creates rules and laws and exceptions.

Wearing hosiery is supposed to be a positive experience, and I do not want a whole society popping up, where we have self-appointed rulers over ordinary members. Could you imagine what life would be like if we had to do that for candy or cake? Imagine this: every time we hear about somebody eating candy/cake from a company that supports sweat shop labour and skin colour discrimination, then we report him to a group leader. That would make eating candy and cake so painful, even if we are not the people being punished.

So far, I think that the best tools that we have available are expressing our disapproval of the guys who buy L'eggs hosiery, and compassionate persuasion.

Expressing our disapproval is straight forward enough, but before we do that, we should ask them why they did not buy another brand. I think that that is a fair question. L'eggs discriminates against men, even though it does not improve or ruin their marketing campaign. People only perceive the acceptance of men wearing hosiery as ruining the campaign.

Ultimately, it is really L'eggs, who is committing this sin, and not the supporters. I think that men really might have a justifiable reason for supporting L'eggs, but they must give an account.

Compassionate persuation is useful for us. After all, men should really think of themselves as on the same side. Therfore, it makes sense that men try to reason with each other in gentleness and kindness. I am not good at winning people over. Therefore, I offer no advice other than trying to see why the person continues to support such a company.

In other words, listening to the person, no matter what technique you use is a definite idea.

I am very eager to read your thoughts on this. What should we do with L'eggs supporters? Am I being to strict?

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wore Shorts And Hosiery Today

I volunteered as a production assistant for Becoming Sophie, which is different from the other movie with the same name. I have 2 pieces of good news.

The small good news is that I got a chance to show off some nice mostly opaque navy blue hosiery. They got to see a straight guy in hosiery and shorts. I do not know if they know if I am straight, though. Since I was doing this as volunteer work, they got good work out of me. That means that when they see a guy in hosiery, they see hosiery on a guy in good light.

The big good news is that I got a chance to speak to the star of the show, who is also the writer of the show and the highest producer. She did so much work for her production. I was able to explain to her that I learned about trends and wanted to put it to use with a fashion trend. I was also able to share a bit about how I got started selling hosiery.

We took a few moments to talk about supporting the guy in her life, if he decided to wear, and she agreed to do it. She asked about me feeling a bit squished, when I wear them, and if I recall correctly, I explained that I just adjust myself if needed, and that I usually simply chose a pair that does not squish. I shared that even just wearing ordinary underwear and pants also created the squished feeling. After all, pants can be heavy fabric, and it can weigh down my genitalia.

We also discussed how newer styles do not slip down as easily.

An interesting thing is that she touched my knee, when she wanted to indicate what she was talking about. This shows that she has no fear or disgust regarding men in hosiery. She seemed very supportive in her body language and what she said.

So, we have a new supporter, and potentially a gal, who will wear more.

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Used Hosiery: Hair Covering To Help Wash Dreadlocks

Punch shares an article about using pantyhose to help wash dreadlocks in the first few weeks that you are forming them. The idea is that the pantyhose keeps the hair in place while you wash, but it still allows the shampoo and water to go in and out.

man with afro hair and dreadlocks

I think that it would be an interesting experience. I think that it would take a lot longer to wash, though, but I bet that it would be worth it to people, who want dreadlocks.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Was Seen Wearing Opaques

I wore my usual hosiery and shorts today, when I went for an acting audition.

The people waiting for the audition must have seen me, because I spent a few moments pulling up my footless hosiery for the actual audition. I assumed that the casting director wanted to see my bare legs, since they got me to audition as a swimmer. I pulled up my t-shirt sleeves, too.

When I got off of the last bus for the return trip, I saw a guy looking at my legs. At least, I thought that he was, at first. When I kept an eye on him, as I walked, I could see him still looking down at my legs.

My first impression was that he was looking at me in shock and disgust. I thought about it, and then assumed that he might be a secret hosiery wearer, and maybe--just maybe--I might have been the inspiration that he needed to wear publically. I doubt it, but it is exciting to think about!

Hmm. I was about to publish this blog post, and then I realized that if he knew the difference between opaque hosiery and sports legwear, then he probably had a good knowledge about hosiery. That means that he was probably a hosiery wearer.

I was wearing grey opaque footless hosiery at the time. The colour might have made it easier for him to see that it was not just regular sports legwear, which is usually black. The glaring sun might have made it even harder to see what kind black clothing I would have wore, if I did wear black.

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Cathay Pacific Uniforms In Comparison To Others

not Cathy Pacific stewardess [right click and open image to see a bigger size]
stewardess from another airline poses
a Hooters photo for comparison

Most current uniforms actually tend to be more conserve than Cathay Pacific. When I saw a bunch of photos of past uniforms, I thought that you might be interested in me showing you how sexy too sexy can be.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bebe Neuwirth Looks Great In Pantyhose

Bebe Neuwirth

I will always remember Bebe Neuwirth from the days of Cheers. I was very young, back then, so I do not really remember very much. I just remember liking the way that her hair was pulled back tight. I do not remember any of her character's bad stuff in this Wikipedia entry.

In fact, her character inspired me to create a love interest for protagonist in a novel that I want to write.

The truth is that I never even knew that Bebe could have a sexy appearance. However, these photos seem to prove that she could.

Do you have any favourite Bebe Neuwirth moments? Are any of you fans?

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Kelly Brook Wears Red Skirt And Mostly Opaques

This photo seems to show her hosiery the clearest.

Kelly Brook flashes a glimpse of red skirt

This Mail Online article focused more on her engagement ring, but I thought that you might like to look at her hosiery with the red skirt. Her skirt is so covered up in some of the other photos. On other web sites, the photos seem quite blurry, but in the photo above, you could practically see the knitting of the hosiery fabric.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

TV Show: The Good Wife

Le Noir Auteur recommended The Good Wife as 1 of the top ten shows. I have watched bits of it, and all of the characters seem respectable, so I am not surprised. So, if you want a different show to watch, this Friday, then try The Good Wife

The star of the show is Alicia Florrick. However, the gal that you want to look at is at the far right in this photo: Archie Panjabi.

cast of 'The Good Wife'

Usually, she wears boots and clothes, as shown in the above photo. Here is a rare glimpse of her in high heels, instead of boots.

cast of 'The Good Wife'

I was beginning to wonder if her lower legs were scarred or something, because of how often her lower legs were covered up, but I guess not.

I always look forward to seeing her wear sheers.

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Christina Aguilera Wears Embellished Sheer Hosiery

She tweeted an image, that is fun to look at: you can see the embellishments pushing against the skin tight dress.

Christina Aguilera sings at a concert, wearing sheer embellished hosiery and a skin tight dress

Read Yahoo Celebrity's article for the context.

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Guess The Movie Recommendation #1

I want to recommend a movie for you this coming Monday, so that you can watch it the Friday after that. That will be 2 Fridays from now. A gal wore hosiery in it, and I thought that you might like to watch. However, instead of just announcing it, I will give you clues through out this week, so that you can guess what movie I might give. This is just for fun.

If you think that you spot a clue, then feel free to comment below this blog post or below the post, where the clue is.

This is just for fun.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dolly Parton Wears Shimmery Hosiery And Open Toe Shoes

This article has nothing to do with our interests here, but it has a nice photo at the end.

I never really put much thought into her, until I heard jokes about her breast size, and until my mom talked about her wearing a wig. I never even thought that it could be a wig.

Perhaps she has a hair/scalp problem. I wish that she would show the world what it looks like, so that she can inspire people to do well, despite outward appearances.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cathay Pacific Stewardess Uniforms Too Sexy?

It seems that cheer leaders are not the only pretty women, who are unhappy. Stewardesses have been complaining about harassment, and they blame it on the uniforms. You can see them wear pantyhose under their skirts, which come down to just above their knees.

It is hard for me to form an opinion here, because I have not seen the uniforms in action. In and of itself, such complaints are important, since we do not want them to be harassed. Also, I want them to be happy with their uniforms. Also, I think that modesty is very important.

I am just concerned that they might be trouble makers. I would need to see them bend down and reach up. If they can make their uniforms appear to be revealing by bending and reaching, then they have a fair complaint.

Then again, like the airline says, they are welcome to exchange their uniforms for a better size. So, there is no need to complain at all.

The airline gave them chance to give feedback, and got no major complaints during the two month trial period.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Crocs With Tights And Crocs With Thick Socks

image of Crocs Classic Clog

Yesterday, I got a chance to try the Crocs that I bought the day before with a pair tights. It was a positive experience. I did not want anything too slippery.

I certainly would enjoy a pair of slippery footwear, just for the slippery sensation, but I do not want my indoor footwear to normally be slippery, unless they are easy to secure in another way.

The Crocs seemed to hold on well without risk of falling off, and yet, they were still easy to remove.

I will have to try Crocs will slipperier hosiery to say for sure, but this is definitely looking good. I think that even if a pair of hosiery could become too slippery for a pair of Crocs, then Crocs would still be worth while, because I could always wear a pair of hosiery that is not slippery.

The only time that I tried Crocs with footed hosiery was when I was getting ready to leave, and when I got home. I ended up getting changed into thick woolen socks, because I currently, I am wearing footless hosiery at home.

The thick sock made the Crocs uncomfortable, because my Crocs are not big enough. That is fine, though. Once the socks wear out, everything will be better. Also, I could wear different socks, if it really mattered.

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Wore Mostly Opaques To Outings Yesterday

I must admit that I was a bit nervous. It has been a while since I wore mostly opaques or semi opaques, or sheers in public. However, once I was out of the home, I felt quite liberated.

It was refreshing to be able to wear something so smooth and silky in public and not have it be a problem.

I went a couple of volunteer opportunities, which paid honourariums. They paid so much that they effectively paid me a low income earner's day's wages.

I also went to apply at a temporary work employer. They are employers, who send us from place to place, doing temporary work. I do not know what other countries are like, so I thought that I should have explained to you what a temporary work employer is.

During each of the volunteer opportunities, I was informally interviewed for a project. Each organization had its own project. During one of the volunteer opportunities, the topic of my hosiery came up. I had a chance to mention that I liked to wear it in a normal way.

The people in the other volunteer opportunity must have seen my hosiery. I know that 1 guy was looking down. They will see my hosiery photo later this month, when we go to an art show.

I felt so fortunate, because I was able to touch high quality hosiery in public, while I sat on the bus and train. It really felt so good, that for a moment I wondered if hosiery could possibly helped to reduce depression or maybe even cure it.

Today's outing was quite successful. I hope to wear sheer hosiery out of the home in the future.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bought Crocs

I bought a pair of Crocs yesterday. I like wearing footwear in the home. Footwear helps to protect the carpet, my socks, my hosiery, and my feet. I think that it keeps all of them cleaner. It also helps to protect the hosiery that we buy. There could be something sharp in the carpet, or maybe the hosiery might snag against a rough surface. It is just not worth the risk in normal situations.

My pair is pure black. It is size 7, and fits very well, even though my foot is a size 6.5.

image of Crocs Classic Clog

I have not had a chance to try it out with footed hosiery, but I intend to. I am looking forward to it. I have tried them with socks and with bare feet, and from what little I can tell, Crocs with hosiery is going to work well.

The rubber is slightly softer compared to regular shoe soles, and other kinds of slippers and sandals. It is not the softest, but it is softer.

It so wide in the toes that it is hard for me to touch the sides when I stretch my toes apart.

1 thing that I really wanted was the heel strap. When I wear socks that are so thick and slippery, it is hard for footwear to grip the sock covered foot. I also like the heel strap being simple enough to move out of the way for easy foot insertion. The heel strap should come in handy for when I wear hosiery, since some kinds of hosiery might be too slippery. It seems that the people, who invented this, really had something special in mind.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bright Dress For Autumn, Winter, Spring, And Summer

Yahoo! sent me a special Getty Images photo of Alexandra Richards modelling Voodoo hosiery that was not available through the regular image search. Other photos of the photo session are easy to find, but this particular photo is not available through image searches.

The colourful dress seems to be made for autumn and winter. It seems to brighten up the room in fall and winter.

I like the colourful dress, because it looks so nice for the other seasons too. It seems so versatile. Do you agree?

If you think that the outfit is not appropriate for spring and summer, then maybe a pair of light coloured sheer hosiery should do the trick. What do you think?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

L'eggs Discriminates Against Men

It is 2014, and men have been wearing hosiery publically for probably almost 20 years, if not more. I think the first few discussions appeared on the web in around 1995, give or take a couple of years. In that time, we have made a lot of achievements. We have talked about it. We have shared it with our friends and family. We shown photos. We have made our views known to the companies in a very dignified and polite manner. We have made an effort to distance ourselves from fetishes. We have bought hosiery. We have encouraged women to buy hosiery. We even sell hosiery! Some of us have tried to accommodate women and their concerns, even when there should be nothing to be concerned about.

Despite all the support that men give to L'eggs, L'eggs still insists on preventing men from entering L'eggs contests.

There are so many men that could benefit from winning these contests. Let us discuss a couple of types.

A type of man that could benefit from winning this contest might be a single father, who has a daughter that could use hosiery for school. Currently children are not allowed to enter all contests. Ideally, the father could enter on the child's behalf. Many companies make opportunities to connect with the community by helping others, but L'eggs sees it as a cost and as something that ruins their reputation. In other words, L'eggs sees helping single fathers with daughters as bad.

Contrast L'eggs attitude and actions with WestJet.

For some context, see WestJet vice-president Richard Bartrem explain why they did what they did.

This is probably the first time a big corporation, and especially an airline, did something like this for Christmas. In that sense, it is unusual, but there is nothing unusual in the sense that people want to be generous at times, and they care about others. People are not always like that, but they can be like that often. It is not unusual in general. It is just unusual in this type of circumstance.

L'eggs should be helpful and kind like WestJet.

Another type of man that could benefit from winning this contest might be a man, who needs that leg support. L'eggs could look at this as an opportunity to develop a new niche market, but they would rather keep that market away. Most companies argue to the death that their products work. If that is the case, then is L'eggs saying that their products do not work on men?

So, there are single fathers, and men in need of leg support. On top of that, there are hosiery reviewers and bloggers, and there are men who wear for warmth. What about men who buy gifts for their wives? Does L'eggs want to influence purchasers?

The thing is that L'eggs does not have to invest in a campaign targeted only at men. A campaign targeted only at men would cost a lot, and probably not bring in a worth while return of investment. However, if L'eggs includes men, then they will no doubt cultivate that community at no extra cost, which brings a greater return of investment.

Contrast L'eggs attitude and actions with Silks Hosiery's attitude and actions: Have you liked our Facebook page yet? You'll automatically win a pair of Black Iris tights! [only open to Canadian residents]. We can see that they are open to men, but they are also closed to those outside of Canada. I do not think that many will complain about L'eggs only being open to the US or above a certain age group. Many contests are like that. That is okay. Most contests do not prevent men from entering.

In summary of all that I have written so far: L'eggs has the right to limit their contests to a certain place and a certain age group, since this is normal, but they really ought to try to be as good as other companies or better. L'eggs could knock out some competition, by portraying the brand as accommodating and supportive of others. Keeping others out does not send that message.

How do we apply this? I think that the time has come that we avoid buying their products, and discourage all people from buying their products.

Obviously, I recommend buying Silks instead, since they have proven themselves as nice and kind, and since I sell the brand, but I am confident that there are other brands out there. Please share with me your favourite brands that like men.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Man In Tights In Cuba

We seem to be making progress. Fantasy Stockings showed me this photo, which I assumed that she took. It is good news for us, because it shows that we are making progress.

I do not know anything about these guys or these looks or these outfits, but they seem to come across as being normal and not gay. I suppose that small bag might be considered effeminate, but other than that, the outfits seem okay.

If you are this person, then please feel free to introduce yourself!

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Alexandra Richards Models Voodoo Hosiery

Several months ago, Alexandra Richards, who is a model, and who is the daughter of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, modelled Voodoo hosiery for the Voodoo special event. This was in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

On 1 of my web browsers, 2 of the models appear to be wearing 2 pairs of hosiery at once. Do think that they are? Leave your answer in the comments below.

3 beautiful models wearing hosiery

If you like this photo, then browse through more photos of the event.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014


I think that I will try blogging again. I will post mostly news that I find on the web, and try to add a few comments.

a Wikimedia photo
Fingerprint detail on male finger

Lately, I have been devoting a lot of attention to healing the skin on my right thumb.

Last year, I worked in a plastic bag factory, and it caused havoc on my skin. I do not quite understand how it did, but it did. The thumb print almost wore off.

a Wikimedia photo

To get it to heal, I have been as gentle with it as possible. I have also devoted a lot attention to keeping it moisturized with petroleum jelly.

In the last week or so, the finger print has finally begun to look complete. Before, you could still see the finger print, if you hold it up to the light, but you really had to look for it. Now, you can see the finger print in almost any light.

Unfortunately, eczema has started to appear on the thumb. It is a small problem compared to what I suffered.

This is so meaningful to me, because not having a thumb print means that it is hard to feel the sensuous feeling of hosiery. Finger prints actually allow us to distinguish the difference between different sensations.

I believe that hosiery is for the eyes and the hands. So, it is really important to keep our hands in good condition.

Thank you for reading!