Saturday, May 30, 2015

Less Hosiery Wearing Lately

Lately, I have not been wearing hosiery as often, even at home. It seems quite the opposite of what I wanted to do, and what I tried to get you to do, is it not?

The reason for this is that I come home from work as a mascot, and although I try to keep clean, I feel kind of grubby. Also, since I expect to get dirty as a macot, I have been wearing the clothes that I use to clean around the house and to do chores. I used to wear those clothes for only short periods of time, so I was able to live without hosiery just for a while.

Now that I am in more of a routine at work, and now that things are predictable, I think that it makes sense to clean everything up, and start wearing cleaner clothes.

Wearing cleaner clothes will allow me to feel that wearing hosiery is a better idea. In other words, I will go out, and wear clean clothes, and I will come home, and wear clean clothes, so it makes sense to wear hosiery, too.

I suppose that I can wear hosiery with dirty clothes, too. It is just that when I come home, I tend to change into sweat pants for sleeping. There is not a lot of awake time, so it seems like of extra washing for so little enjoyment.

Another important reason to not wear hosiery is that not wearing hosiery makes it easier to get changed. I do not have to change into an extra item, and I do not have to worry about fabric pills. I hate the idea of getting pills on my hosiery.

That being said, I do have a lot of extra hosiery that I do not care about. Using some support hosiery could be a good idea. Improving blood flow after over 4 hours on my feet is a good use of hosiery. Am I right?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jennifer Aniston And A Peek At Her Semi Opaque Hosiery

Sometimes less is more. I think that guys can learn a bit from Jennifer Aniston in this article's photo. You get only a small clear glimpse of 1 of her knees and lower thighs. However, it is all that we need. We are not trying to invade her privacy. We just want to enjoy the pleasures of the beauty of hosiery.

I love the small shine.

When we wear hosiery, it should be visible, but there is something to be said about hosiery that appears only briefly now and then.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Got Some Support From A Female Friend

I noticed that she liked a photo of me on Facebook, and the photo had a small glimpse of my upper leg showing with opaque hosiery. I asked her how she felt about it, and it turns out that she never even noticed it at first. She has no problems with it, and her grandfather also wore hosiery under pants to keep warm. He tried so many brands, but none of them actually worked.

It looks like we made progress.

I thanked her for her support.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Peanut Butter & Shaving

It seems that people tried shaving with peanut butter. Some people liked it, and some did not. I have not tried it, and I do not plan to. However, read the rest of the blog post for my thoughts on why it might not work for some, and how to improve your technique. I base my suggestions on my regular use of peanut butter.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ryan Seacrest's New Gal Likes Pantyhose

I do not really know if they are in a relationship, but they are at least friends. It is a relief that at least 1 of them wants her to wear pantyhose. Hopefully, it was not only this once.

Lucky guy: Ryan Seacrest enjoyed dinner in Los Angeles with a mystery brunette on Saturday night.

You can see the rest of the photos and the rest of the news story.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cressida Bonas Performs Play In Only Tights, Undervest, And Big Sheet

It seems interesting that opaque hosiery was chosen as part of her wardrobe. No plot has been announced for this 1-woman theatre piece, however, I do wonder why hosiery was chosen. The article shows some washed out photos, and explains that the play is about a woman and an artist, but it does not explain much more.

I suspect that the hosiery helps to convey an intimacy between the character and the artist portrayed in the story, while also providing some modesty. The author of the play says that she never posed for artist. So, I suspect that the actress will be playing other characters in flashback or via rumours.

All of this seems to verify what I believe about hosiery: it is both public and private. There are parts that are private, and are not to be shared with the public, but there are parts that are public. The public parts do not need to be shared with the public, but they are great for sharing with the public. 1 pair can be enjoyed by so many people in different ways. Some enjoy it by looking, while the wearer enjoys the touch, and the feeling, and the warmth, and the shade, and the style.

Celebrate your freedom to wear and to look!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Volunteering At Food Event

I have volunteered to work at Feeding The 5000 Vancouver, where free gourmet food will be served. Since I have been given a leadership position, I think that it is of the upmost importance that I wear semi-opaque hosiery, so that it is obvious, that I am not wearing athletic clothing. I want to be a good example of what a hosiery wearer looks like.

They have entrusted me the opportunity to look after security. This is new for me, in that I have never volunteered for leadership positions, as far as I know.

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