Monday, August 3, 2015

Aperger's And Austism Clothing

The other day, I had a chance to review some opaque hosiery that had a high waist panty. Before I start writing about that, I would like to comment on the social issues of girdles, corsets, and hosiery with high waist panties.

I saw an instructable, a while ago, about using pantyhose to give pressure to the body of a child with a special need. I think that it was an impromptu version of a compression vest.

Lately, I managed to try a pair of tights that had a high waist panty, and it felt good. It reminds me of going to the dentist, and having those lead blankets put on me. The high waist panty had a very mild pressure, but I thought that others might like it. I am at the point, where I plan on ordering more pairs.

I am also thinking about just getting something without the legs, so that the garment can be worn over regular hosiery. It would be cheaper, I think.

It would feel much better, I think, if it wrapped around the chest, because that is where we feel hugs. I think hat hugs tend to make people feel better.

It would be a cheap alternative to a compression vest.

Unfortunately, there is the problem of it being so feminine, that a lot of guys would lose interest. Perhaps this is where we need to extend our advocacy work. Advocating hosiery for men is not just about the legs. It is also about the other parts of the garment.

I think that it is harder for us to advocate wearing high waist hosiery, because the panty portion is even more feminine, in that it slims, and enhances a feminine figure. The other parts of the garment can resemble men's fitness clothing, but the waist portion does not resemble anything masculine.

On the other hand, it is usually worn under a shirt or dress. For guys, it will be under a shirt. When we are around friends, we usually have shirts on, so maybe it will not be so bad.

Would you please share your experiences, if you have tried it? If you have avoided trying it, then would you please explain why?

Have you tried a corset?

Before I sign off, here is an example of what I am writing to you about. I have not tried this specific product, though.

product package

Thank you for reading!


  1. I've never tried the high-waist shapers, but I always wear control tops. I like the tight, snug feeling of the panty. The control top of Leggs Sheer Energy comes up about four inches above my belly button. Feels good on my back and holds in my soft tummy. --JCHose