Monday, July 25, 2011

Hosiery Is A Frame Around Legs

Many hosiery enthusiasts know that hosiery is like makeup for the legs, but did you that they can actually frame your legs too? Read the remainder of my blog entry for more info.

On the edges of the legs, you should be able to see a line of colour. Edges are the sides of the legs, when looking at the front and back, but when looking at the sides, edges are the front and back.

In the image below, there is some shimmer on the fronts of the legs, and if you look closely, then you should be able to see a faint bright line at the very side edges of their legs. This is much easier to see with the gal on the right.

cheer leaders wearing pantyhose

For women wearing darker hosiery, it should be easier to see the hosiery's colour on the edges. In the image below, the legs are blacker on the front and back edges.

black pantyhose

It will be even more obvious when wearing opaques.

The most important thing to understand is that we have the same kind of perspective no matter what side of the legs we are looking at. The middle of what we are looking at will be the brightest, and the edges will be the darkest. It is the dark parts that frame the legs. The edges draw attention to the middle of the legs.

As I said, this is already known by hosiery enthusiasts, but it is good to spell it out and create some terminology. The next time you go out and speak to people about wearing hosiery, you can tell them about framing the legs, and this will hold their attention longer, which might make it easier for your to change their minds.

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