Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Is Alive!

It happened today, or at least in the last few days. I actually gave up any hope of seeing it get started again. I was quite disappointed. seems quite nice. There is a mailing list there. Go check it all out.

Later on, today, I plan to download all of their photos and product information. Last time, I assumed that it would always be up. I think that it went down over a year ago.

I checked to see if would work, but unfortunately not.

[Update: I already noticed that they are letting us know which products are made in China, and which are made in Canada.]

Thank you for reading!


  1. I don't see the point of the website if you can't buy anything

    1. The point is that the supermarket might not know much about the products, and the package might not have all the information. Also, when people look up product information, they can go to their favourite store and ask for a special order.