Monday, January 28, 2013

I Sell Hosiery [Part 1]: Hosiery Advocate's Boutique

Most of my hosiery sales are going to come from the sales of Silks hosiery at Hosiery Advocate's Boutique. If you have not seen my site yet, then please visit it before reading further. You should not need to bookmark it. It is recorded on the Find Me which is listed at the top.

What do you think might be the hottest selling item? The most popular products by far, are waistband-free opaques, and waistband-free sheers. The panty portion is adjustable, in that you can stretch it, and the grip on the inside will stay up. An interesting aspect is that the legs are almost the same length, so you can buy a size 1, if you want a shorter panty, or a size 3, if you want a larger panty. Not only is it the most popular, it is the easiest to sell, because the opaques are easy to open up and check for problems.

Do you think that this business, and the current assortment of products, will ever be enough to support me financially? I love running the business, because I can learn how to run a business, and practise running it. Those are the reasons that I run this business. So, no, I do not make enough from the current setup to support myself. I also appreciate the opportunity to help women find a product that they have been searching for for quite some time.

A frequent comment that I get is that they have been searching for the waistband-free opaques, and I am the only store that sells them.

If you hate the idea of a binding waistband, then I encourage you to try the waistband-free opaques.

Also, I would like to mention that there are leggings on sale. If you buy in the next little while, then you can save $5 per pair. They are smooth to waist, and can be worn around the home.

Thank you for reading!

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