Sunday, August 11, 2013

Choosing Hosiery For Work

I am debating with myself about what footless hosiery to wear to work. I think that the job is going to make my skin so rough, that it would be pointless to wear hosiery that feels nice to the touch. It would only get wornout much faster, and I will not be able to enjoy the smooth texture.

Therefore, I am planning on wearing the pair of footless hosiery that I like the least. Oddly enough, it is the most expensive pair. It seems to feel the least pleasant and the most uncomfortable.

A problem that I have is that I do not have any other pair of hosiery that I dislike enough and appears respectable enough that I can wear it to work. In other words, if I only wore what I disliked that looked respectable enough, then I will end up wearing 1 pair. I am concerned that people might think that I never changed my clothes.

Maybe I just have to be prepared to kiss the grey footless hosiery goodbye, even though I like it. Maybe I just need to appreciate the good times, and not hold on forever.

An option is to wear pants, but that would mean not showing people that men wear hosiery. Then again, if I wear opaque hosiery, then most of them would never notice, anyways. Therefore, wearing pants might be a better option. Then again, if I wear pants, then I would need to find 2 pairs of them, so that people will not think worse of me, and finding 2 pairs of pants that I do not like is similar to finding 2 pairs of hosiery that I do not like.

If you have advice, then please do share.

Thank you for reading!

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