Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hosiery Advocate's Boutique Update

The blog has been quiet lately, but the boutique has been bustling with activity.

I have been spending time developing my sewing technique, so that I could do a better job refurbishing pantyhose and tights. I managed to do it with flat seams. Refurbishing will allow customers to keep their high quality panty portions, and just replace the legs, which can be cheaper. I estimate that it would save them a dollar, even with all the shipping back and forth. After 15 pairs, they would save enough to buy a new pair. This will allow me to invest in a greater variety of products, and maybe increase sales.

Another interesting thing, that most of you must have read about in my Twitter feed, is that I added red stockings to my boutique.

Another interesting thing is that opaque hosiery with a lovely sheen arrived on Monday, June 16, 2014. This style is so smooth to the touch. It is soft. It is truly a luxurious hosiery style.

There is even more that I am planning on. I want to make support hosiery for tall men, but we will see. Although I am sure that my developed hosiery will fit tall guys, I am not convinced that it will be good enough any of them. I have proposed the idea to a guy, who wants me to develop long hosiery. We will see.

Thank you for reading!

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