Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is It Safe To Wear Shorts And Hosiery To A Funeral Or Celebration Service?

My aunt died on Saturday morning. She was a respectable person, because she had people skills. I believe that she was a born again Christian, so I expect her to go to heaven.

I was wondering about what I could wear.

I thought that my favourite black shorts, and a pair of black opaques would be nice. What do you guys think about that? Is it formal enough to wear to a funeral? Have we made that progress yet? Please comment below.

It turns out that the family requested that we not wear black. Maybe I'll wear my beige coloured shorts with brown opaques, and brown Doc Martens. What do you think?

I think that avoiding sheers would be best, especially since my leg hair is a little noticable.

Any suggestions? Have seen shorts in a funeral? What about at a celebration service?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss and amen to that.

    I personally won't do that.. I mean after all.. shorts per se are considered casual no matter whether you conceal them with leggings or tights. I think it would be nice to wear pants. I don't think it's about progress here but it's more of a matter of respect here.. we are both ethnically chinese here and you know how chinese customs can get regardless of religious affiliations. I believe that it would be fine to wear shorts and tights for her death anniversary than the actual funeral service.

    Hope it helps!

    1. Andreas, thanks for the support. Thanks, also, for your perspective. I appreciate that. I think that your comment gave me the extra bit of persuasion that I needed to not wear them.

      I ended up not wearing.

  2. Also sorry for your loss... might be a little late for advice, but I would agree with Andreas.

    Don't make the funeral about you and your fashion choices. Whether you would want legwear to be acceptable for everyone is not the message to send at an event like this. Be respectful, dress to society's norms.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks, for your sympathy.

      It's never too late for advice, because even if I messed up this time around, I'd still need to attend other funeral services, since I still have a lot of relatives, unless I die before them.

      Thanks for your advice. I find it interesting, because I, too, have told people to dress more conventionally. It kind of broke my heart to have to say it to somebody. After all, I didn't want to poo poo all over somebody's fashion choices, while I broke some conventions myself. Also, I wanted him to be happy.

      However, nothing would have made him happy other than being able to wear what he wants, whenever he wants. He just couldn't grasp how strange he was.

      I think that the way that you phrased your advice really helped it to sit well with me intellectually.

      Thanks, again!

    2. Eugene,

      You're welcome, and after reading your post-funeral posting, I am convinced that you did the right thing.

      Again, an event like this is not about you, you want guests to remember the event for the person that has passed, not have the event overshadowed by someone dressed differently and that being their lasting memory.

      Best of luck to you in pushing the envelope, as a fellow male hose wearer I applaud you, but as always, "there is a time and a place."