Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Phrasings To Describe Hosiery And Men

It dawned on me the other day, that the way we describe our fashion choice would probably make a huge first impression.

When it comes to something like sunglasses, we probably would not think very much of it, if somebody were to wear a pair. What is the big deal, right?

The problem with hosiery, is that it is often related to obscene photos and thoughts of men. I think that we can avoid those images in people's minds by just phrasing things to focus on the real issue. For example, I can say, "I wear pantyhose!" or "When I wear shorts, I clad my legs with hosiery/pantyhose/tights/etc.!". I think that putting it that way really creates a context before people are allowed to form opinions.

I am tempted to test this out, by surveying the public.

What do you think? Thank you for reading!

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