Saturday, April 28, 2012

Read My Writing At An Event

I was invited to read at the central branch of the Surrey Public Library. I read a little bit of my assignment from my correspondence course.

I wore my favourite black shorts and semi opaque hosiery with a grey shirt. Nobody said anything about it, although many would have recognized me from a past event. The photo was taken about 2 weeks ago, after church. I loved my look so much that I asked my dad to take a photo of me, so that I could show you.

I do wonder, though, how I am supposed to bring this to everybody's attention, without making it a big deal. I wonder if I could just bring up the topic. That would be weird, I think.

1 thing that I liked about this outing is the confidence that I had. My legs are still freshly epilated, and everything seems to look okay.

Thank you for reading!

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