Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shorts Worn With Hosiery Seems To Be Coming Back

It seems that the ladies are at it again: hosiery worn with shorts. Take note that not all of them are wearing just opaques or just sheers. 1 of them is wearing sheers.

I noticed an interesting theme. None of them had high cut boots. Nothing went far past the ankles, and the majority of them were below. I think that it gives the women a more polished look. Contrast those shoes and low cut boots with the boots in the photo below.

I like Ugg boots, but they can appear clunky, if they are not part of a heavy winter outfit.

Do you agree?

I like all of the looks almost equally, but I think that Zoey Deschanel looks the prettiest.

It is not just for winter and cold months, though. You can do this for warmer months with light colours, as seen below, from this article.

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