Thursday, April 25, 2013

Touched A Gal's Hosiery Clad Leg

Last week, I went to a film set. I noticed that a couple of the gals were asked to put on a dress. They ended up wearing nude sheer hosiery for whatever reason. It brought a nice smile to my face. I did not have my contact lenses, but I still saw the nice even texture of the fabric, and even a bit of a sheen.

I was fortunate enough to be paired up with gal #2 in a scene, so there was an opportunity to spend time with her and chat. Generally speaking, though, we are not supposed to chat in between takes, but we did anyways.

At the beginning of the filming of the scene, the first assistant director asked us to take off our shoes and walk, because the film crew did not want anybody making any noises. I was sad for me, because I hate walking outside of my home without shoes. I even hate walking in my home without slippers. I hesitated and explained my discomfort, and he offered to give me a pair of socks in exchange for my compliance. I agreed. I still did not want to, but I did not want to put up a fuss. I was pretty happy, though, about her walking in pantyhosed feet. I was very happy, actually. :^)

As you can imagine, when we first took our shoes off, I looked down at her feet. They were nice. I will let you imagine how they looked.

I am sure that you will not be too surprised to know that I asked her what brand and style she was wearing. She did not know, because she memorized where she got it from, without remembering the name or style. She explained that every time she went on a trip to Hong Kong, she would buy some to last her for a while, and just never bothered to memorize the name.

I am not surprised, because the Chinese packaging that I see in Canada does not seem to emphasize the name brand much. However, I do not speak Chinese, so I cannot say for sure. Also, when I went to work in China, the street vendors sold hosiery without a tag or branded packaging. They just hung the hosiery from a rod that was like a coat rack. I think that the hosiery came only in 1 size.

She asked me why I wanted to know.

I explained that I sold it and that I liked it. They were good excuses, because they were true, and because she believed them.

Afterwards, I instinctively reached out to touch her leg, but I pulled back and looked at her.

She gestured towards her leg.

I took that as an offer. The hosiery felt quite nice. Honestly, I had no idea of what Chinese hosiery would feel like. I had the impression that the quality was not as good as ours.

You know that hosiery that you enjoy looking at in the Canadian department stores? I would say that her hosiery actually felt comparable to mid-range department store brand hosiery.

I thought that that would be all of my hosiery fun for the day, but that was not all! Later on, we had to duck down, to get out of the camera's view and to avoid blocking the light. This was an opportunity for her to get off her feet and on to her lower legs. Her dress came down to about mid thigh, when she stood up, so you can imagine how it looked, when got onto her lower legs and leaned forward. It came up so much, that I could see the hosiery run guard at the top of the leg, and at the bottom of the panty. Even with my blurry eyes, due to not wearing glasses or contacts, it was still a sight to behold.

Afterwards, we got changed. I asked her about how her hosiery was doing. After all, I figured that she probably wore them out on the rough floor. She held them up for me, and said, "See? They're fine.". I wonder if I kept a straight face.

Seeing her undamaged hosiery was useful, though. I think that the trick to protecting hosiery on rough surfaces when walking is to just pick up the feet when walking.

That was pretty much the end of it for her, however, there was a bit more later on, with somebody else. I was partnered up with another gal. She looked beautiful, and we seemed to like each other. Unfortunately, she wore pants. I know. It is sad, isn't it? :^D I wanted to be a good influence on her, so when I got the chance, I asked who she thought was the best dressed. I pointed to the other performers outside.

She chose gal #3, who wore black footless opaques! When I asked her why, she never mentioned the hosiery, but I agreed that that gal did seem to look the best. I was grateful, because it meant that I would not have to work as hard to convince my new friend that the footless hosiery was important to a good outfit. I briefly mentioned the hosiery to my friend, and we changed the subject. I hope that I left a lasting impression.

I think that I should practise finding opportunities to discuss with them guys wearing hosiery. Now that I think about it, I could have just asked what they thought about guys wearing, as a change of topic.

So, in summary, I saw a gal's pantyhosed feet, I touched her leg, I saw her run guard, and I tried to convince somebody that hosiery looks nice. Unfortunately, I never got to share with any of them, that I wore, but it was still a wonderful day!

Thank you for reading!

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