Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Hosiery Do You Want Me To Review?

What do you want more information on? I ask, because I have been given the privilege of reviewing a couple of products from Oya Bodywear, which is a Canadian retailer. I am tempted to choose pairs of plain opaques, but I think that that might not be very interesting to us.

I also thought that patterned hosiery might be nice, as well. I have not done many reviews on patterned hosiery, and I have not photographed many outfits. It would be interesting to wear more patterned hosiery when I run errands.

I want these reviews to be for you and your benefit, and for Oya Bodywear's benefit. So, please take a moment to look through their hosiery to see what you want more information on, and then leave a comment below.

If you want more information on bodywear that is not hosiery, then feel free to leave a comment below. If you want information on female bodywear that is not hosiery, then I will not wear it, but I will still be willing to review it as best as I can.

Let us discuss this!

Thank you for reading!

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