Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wore CanadianLegging.ca Firm Support Hosiery To Reduce Swelling

I ended up trying the firm support hosiery first.

Instead of using both legs, I decided to try 1 leg at a time over top the medium support sheers that I was all ready wearing. I tucked the spare leg in the panty portion. I pulled the panty portion to the top of the thigh.

My swollen ankle felt better almost immediately. I was really happy about that.

After ignoring it for some time, I noticed that the swelling did not continue to go down. I think that the firm support hosiery can only reduce it so much. Any hosiey can help with extreme swelling, but the last bit needs even more compression or other kinds of therapy.

An unfortunate thing that happened was the hosiery slipped down every now and then. That did not bother me, until I went outside to take out the trash. I did not want to give a bad impression, so I jogged back inside, and pulled it up. I noticed that the hosiery holds up okay on its own, but it struggles when the leg moves. I cannot say for sure how bad this is, because we are talking about full length hosiery on top of full length hosiery, which means that it is not surprising that it slips. Hold-up/stay-up stockings have an inner grip on the welt, but this is not true of full length hosiery.

I think that this might make an interesting test, though. I want to see how well hosiery holds up on the leg on top of another hosiery leg. I expect that some might hold well, since some of the spandex is exposed and since some hosiery is designed to stretch and stay in place.

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