Monday, July 1, 2013

Chose Hosiery To Review For Oya Bodywear

Do you remember me asking you what hosiery you wanted me to review? None of you responded! :^( So, I figured that the specific brands and styles and colours were not important to you, and that you just wanted to read a review on whatever I chose. Fair enough! The rest of my post tells you all.

I had difficulty choosing at first. I wanted something between semi-opaque [half way between fully opaque and invisible] and fully opaque. However, I am not confident that you were interested in that. Also, I am extremely happy with the mostly opaque support hosiery that I usually wear. I have several new pairs that I can wear, if I do not sell them before I need replacements.

A factor in deciding was the Oya Bodywear contact's desire to reach a female demographic. He certainly encouraged me to try to reach men, but the first priority was reaching women.

Another challenge with reviewing hosiery is finding somebody to wear it. Obviously, I am the person, who is going to do it, since I only trust my own techniques and senses, but it would be nice to get a local gal to try it on. I hope that I can meet a gal as thorough as I am, though. I would prefer that the person be a woman. If the woman were willing to the share the demo pair, then that would be even better. It would not be as hygienic, but it would be worth considering. Hmm. As I proofread this, I think that I will post a Craig's List ad.

In the ad, I will not specify whether or not I want a woman, so that the guys will be tempted to come out. Even though I do not plan to let them try it, I do want to connect with local guys.

In the end of my decision making process, I narrowed it down to about 9 pairs. The rest were either not of the right colour, or too sheer, or not the right size for taller guys, or too flambouyant. Honestly, every pair was quite feminine.

Of the 9, I narrowed it down to 6.

These 2 pairs seemed interesting.

Relax Tights seemed interesting. I thought that the red cross meant that this style was support hosiery. At the time, I did not realize that they were in fact support hosiery. Anti-varix hosiery is used to reduce swelling. Do a web search for more information. They also have moisturizing ability. I should have considered that more carefully, because I do get a lot of dead skin on my legs.

I chose the hipster tights, because I wanted to try something lowrise. I think that some guys might like that feature, since our shorts might droop a little. Having the panty portion show a little, when the pants and shorts hang a little low, might be a bit awkward for some people. Also, when I worked at Sears, I had a customer ask about low rise hosiery.

I also wanted patterned hosiery. A particular pair, which caught my attention, came only in 1 size, and all though it had spandex, the company used to make only 100% nylon hosiery. I sensed that this would not be something that the majority of you would like. I hemmed and hawwed over these 2 styles.

It was a tough call, because the overall appearance of Satine Risca tights are grey. I think that black and grey are the best colours to work with, when forming outfits. However, we need colour, too. Also, the appearance is very shimmery, and I think that most guys will not go for that. Even some women do not want too much shimmer. Another factor is that fact that I do not have any blue patterned hosiery in my wardrobe. Therefore, I went with Nigela Tights.

I was happy to see Philippe Matignon listed there. Whenever I looked at them in the past, they always appeared too sheer, so I hesitated to spend money on them. Now that I am reviewing hosiery for somebody else, I felt that I could indulge myself in a new brand.

Even though I was willing to try a pair of Philippe Matignon, I still wanted to avoid the most sheer pair, so I was naturally drawn to Cristal 30 Semi Sheer Tights. However, I wanted to be sure that this was the best decision. It turns out that the minor differences were insignicant to me, and I suspect that most people will not care. Those who want a specific sheerness will go for the relevant pair no matter what, and my product review should apply to all similar Philippe Matignon sheer hosiery.

We will have to wait until this up coming week to see what he sends me. He might not send me 3 pairs. We will find out.

Please take a look at the web site, and let me know if I chose wisely. Leave a thought in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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