Friday, July 5, 2013

Epilated About A Week Ago

With summer here, I felt that it was somewhat inappropriate for me to constantly wear black completely opaque hosiery. It is fine for when I expect to be isolated and not interact with people in a significant way. I could be lazy on those days, but when I interact with people, I want to be able to dress in a lighter summery way.

Of course that means epilating. I spent probably an hour in a bath tub without water doing that epilating. It was painful, but it did not seem as painful as when I first tried it.

I think that it feels less painful, because of the technique. I try to not pull out a bunch of hair at the same time. I try to move the epilator in small strokes, and do a few hairs at a time. Also, when the small area gets removed, I try a completely different area to give the nerves a rest. Removing a few hairs does not cause problems, but removing all the hairs at once can create lasting pain.

Is this what you experience too?

Thank you for reading!

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