Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hosiery Review: Mondor

When I first saw this hosiery, I was a little bit unhappy, because I usually do not like patterned hosiery, and because the patterns appeared quite feminine. However, when I tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised about the smooth and silky inner surface. The rest of my post tells you why I recommend it for men under certain circumstances and for women under most circumstances. While I have your attention, be sure to see the last photo of the innovate gusset.

Let us see what features Gabriella has given us.

  • comfortable waistband, which does not pinch
  • silky panty inside and out
  • no run guard
  • innovative gusset for better ventilation
  • no reinforced toes
  • 15 denier

In the photo below, I put a ruler beside the hosiery, to give you a rough idea of how much the hosiery will need to stretch in order to reach full length. There is no size "large" on the size chart at the back. There is only "Tall - Grande" [English and French] and this size is supposed to reach 1.75 m [or 5′9″]. I am 5′6.5″, and I can say without a doubt that the hosiery should stretch very easily for tallest consumers in this size.

In the photo below, I tried to stretch it over my knuckles to give you an idea of how sheer the panty portion is. It is completely opaque, as far as I can tell, when I wear it, or it is pretty much completely opaque.

I expected the pattern of the leg to extend all the way to the waistband in the same way that sheer to waist extends to the waistband. However, the pattern stopped at the top of the leg. It was a good design decision in my opinion. This allows the panty to be smoother. I can say without a doubt, that the panty portion was extremely silky on the inside and out. It is what I expect of great Canadian hosiery.

I tried this without underwear, and I was quite surprised at how comfortable it is. I think that men will be quite pleased with the panty portion. There was no scrunching of the male anatomy. I also noticed that it did not squeeze my butt cheeks together. Women will like the way that it allows the butt to maintain its shape.

As I type this, I think that it makes sense that the panty portion be of high quality. Mondor has been making dance tights for some time, and dancers probably want tights to do more than just look good in an office or a disco. If you are a dancer, then please comment below.

In the photo below, I tried to give you a closeup of the pattern.

Are you able to guess what body part that is? Leave a guess in the comment below. I will post an answer in the next week or later.

In the next 2 photos, I show you the gusset. Unfortunately, they are both blurry. I included the first photo, because I wanted to show you how blurry my thumb appeared, so that you would have an idea of how blurry the photo is.

The gusset has sheer dots on them, which are basically holes. I think that this is innovative, because it allows better air circulation, while the thick part still maintains the gusset's strength. I have seen many gussets develop runs, and it is not a big deal, because the gusset still holds things together. The most important part is the leg, so the gusset just has to last a tiny bit longer than the leg. Mondor's gusset appears to be strong enough to do that job. Have any of you worn other Mondor hosiery? If so, then would you comment below, describing the gusset, please?

For women's fashion, I definitely recommend this. Women will definitely appreciate the variety that Chic Chic brings. It seems a little playful, but it still seems conservative enough for the office. If you have a little leg hair, then the pattern should be able to hide it well enough. I can write that confidently, because I tried it with leg hair. I think that this style is best suited for spring, but I could imagine you wearing it to a Christmas party.

For men's fashion, I cautiously recommend this. Men will not be able to wear this as easily, because men typically do not dress up their legs. However, they still might enjoy wearing them casually at home.

The inner surface of the leg was very smooth and silky. I enjoyed wiggling my toes.

As far as value goes, I think that you get great value. Oya Bodywear offers them for only $18, but because of how well they stretch, I expect that they will last quite some time. You can save on shipping by picking up directly from their warehouse. Let me or them know if you have any questions. You can also consult the official product page for more information.

Come back to the blog next week or later to find out what body part I used for that particular photo.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Mediven uses a similar gusset in their therapeutic/gradient compression Sheer & Soft line.