Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hosiery Review: Gabriella Hipsters

I am glad that I waited to type out the review for this. Having smooth hand skin allows me to enjoy touching it more. By the way, I have a small surprise for you at the end of the blog post. The rest of my post tells you all.

I was originally going to get a woman to try this, since I felt that it would have been a waste for me to wear it. It felt like a waste, because it seemed very feminine. However, it was worth trying, because it is easier for me to figure out how it feels by wearing it, than it is to figure it out by asking a person. Another reason it was worth trying is that it feels wonderful inside and out. I love how slippery it feels on some surfaces, and how it seems to grip on others. When I rub my hands on them, my hands glide.

I consider them to be glossy and I believe that they look just like what we see on the package above. Mine are a different colour, though. The package looks exactly the same as the photo, but with the relevant part cut out at the top, and with a label in the top right corner.

Let us see what features Gabriella has given us.

  • has such a wide waistband, that it reminds me of a stocking welt
  • has such a low waistband, which hides it
  • no run guard
  • gusset
  • pointed toes [not good or bad, but it is interesting to me]
  • reinforced toes
  • 20 denier

As far as women's fashion goes, I definitely recommend this, if you are having a little bit of fun with your wardrobe, or if you are looking for something luxurious or glamourous. I could imagine this being combined with a little black dress or a pair of shorts or a skirt. If you are wearing a dress that touches the floor, then wear something that is more normal so that you will not cause wear and tear on glossy hosiery that is hidden. In other words, save the glossy hosiery for another outfit.

As far as unisex fashion goes, I recommend this, if you want glossy hosiery, and if you want to hide your pantyhose waistband. They definitely give you what they promise.

To really get a good idea of how low this is, look at that package photo again. The girl's belly button is exposed, and her shorts are quite low. There is no panty portion showing, right?

As far as touch sensation goes, I recommend this for men and women. You get to experience the sensation of touching Polish hosiery. Hopefully the photos shows you how smooth and even it is.

I first touched them, when my hands were very rough, so I thought that they might not be very durable. Now that my hands are smooth, I believe that they can last a long time, as long as you do not pull at them very hard, and as long as your hands are not rough. Just treat them normally, and you will get days, if not weeks, of rubbing and touching.

As far as sizing goes, I got size 4 [large], and it fits so well, that I never thought about it, until I almost finished writing this review. The size is so comfortable. I am 5'6.5", have a 30" inseam. I never feel any part of it sliding down.

I tried these, without underwear, when I got out of the shower, and I am impressed by how comfortable the panty portion feels on my front and back. Those of you, who do not like wearing underwear under your hosiery, will enjoy wearing this. I felt that it was very gentle on skin, and that it did not squish the butt cheeks together.

As far as value goes, I think that you get great value. Oya Bodywear offers them for only $7.25! Not even $10 for Eurpean hosiery! You can save on shipping by picking up directly from their warehouse. Let me or them know if you have any questions. You can also consult the official product page for more information.

I encourage everybody to wear some to your Christmas parties.

Come back to the blog next week, because Oya Bodywear sent me 2 pairs of hosiery to review. Next week, I will post a review of Mondor's Chic Chic patterned hosiery.

By the way, the special surprise that I promised is a link to desktop wallpapers. Gabriella has made nice ones. Let us know which are your favourites.

Thank you for reading!

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