Friday, July 18, 2014

Had Hosiery Dream

It was so weird. It was almost like an episode of "Three's Company".

During part of the dream, I hid amongst a group of women, who seemed to be wearing pants.

I was not under a table, at first, but as dreams go, that changed for no apparent reason. I was crouched down, and not on my feet, which means my shins were on the ground, and the soles of my feet were facing up. For some odd reason, 1 of them started singing and rubbing 1 of my arms with her foot. I expected her to stop and/or to move her foot, but she kept going, so I assumed that she believed that she was touching a part of her body that was numb.

Then for no apparent reason, another woman started doing it, but she stroked the sole of my foot. I must say that it felt quite nice.

Somehow, I appeared in another of the dream world, which means that I got out. There were no problems, so I assumed that I got out safely.

It was so funny.

Thank you for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Funny dream. I always go to a dream dictionary after such vivid memories in one. In this one I might look up hosiery. Wonder what the dream meant?