Monday, July 7, 2014

Tried Sell Hosiery At A Festival

On Saturday, I was given a booth/table to sell stuff. I brought out the Canadian Legging hosiery, because I did not want to risk damaging my Silks hosiery and Energizers hosiery. I have been to a flea market before, but this is the first time that I actually put some effort into getting organized. I tried to get a table cloth ready, and a kit box to hold it and the pantyhose. I also tried to get a bit of spare change.

The festival was put on by a real estate organization. They sell condominiums, and they want to create awareness of the organizations in the community. It was a bit smaller than I had hoped for, but there were local businesses that helped to liven the place up. Local politicians and volunteer RCMP police officers came out, too. Considering how wet it was, there was quite a bit of foot traffic. The biggest thing was the stage set up, where there was singing and dancing, and I am quite impressed by the talent.

Unfortunately, I did not have anything elaborate. I did not even bring out my table cloth, because of how wet it was. My main concern with that, is having to dry out a big vinyl table cloth. I just do not have much space here to do it. So, at first, all you would see is me standing at a table with packages on the table. Later on, the only other booth next to me, which was run by the Surrey Food Bank, brought out a better tent covering for themselves than they had at first. They then lent me the not-as-good tent covering, which was nice.

After that, another business came out to the empty table next to me, so I shared the tent covering with her.

You are probably wondering whether or not I sold anything, and unfortunately, I did not. I kind of question my sanity in going; to be honest.

However, I think that it was worth while. I managed to get the word out that I exist, and to learn from the experience. I learned a bit about how I could set up interesting stuff, and how hosiery might be applicable to the average person.

I could probably have a pair of hosiery out that will demonstrate my ability to shorten hosiery, and to customize it in other ways. I could probably hang a pair up on a light rope, like a clothes line, and it might get more attention. Believing that hosiery is always too long is probably 1 of the most foolish misconceptions today, because of how wonderful modern hosiery is, and because of how easy it is for me to shorten the legs with my sewing machine.

Most people think of how hosiery could fit into their wardrobe. They probably put a lot of consideration into colour and other appearance aspects. Since they do not typically wear it, they probably think that they do not need it. As we know, that is not true. Support hosiery does have health benefits, or at least is intended to. A good time to wear support hosiery is when you are watching TV or just wearing comfortable clothes at home. All of a sudden, the wardrobe issue does not matter. Therefore, I ought to try to bring that idea to their attention.

When I got home, I repacked my kit, so that I could fit more stuff in there, or at least be more organized. It was a discouraging day, but if I based my decisions on how discouraged I was, then I would not be selling hosiery, would I? I also would not be wearing it regularly. Now, my kit is ready to go at a moment's notice.

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love wearing hosiery, as they keep me warmer and also help my legs look nicer when I decide to wear professional skirts.

    1. Thank you, Rachel, for your opinion on hosiery. I'm glad to read about your love for it.

      What is your favourite style?