Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cressida Bonas Performs Play In Only Tights, Undervest, And Big Sheet

It seems interesting that opaque hosiery was chosen as part of her wardrobe. No plot has been announced for this 1-woman theatre piece, however, I do wonder why hosiery was chosen. The article shows some washed out photos, and explains that the play is about a woman and an artist, but it does not explain much more.

I suspect that the hosiery helps to convey an intimacy between the character and the artist portrayed in the story, while also providing some modesty. The author of the play says that she never posed for artist. So, I suspect that the actress will be playing other characters in flashback or via rumours.

All of this seems to verify what I believe about hosiery: it is both public and private. There are parts that are private, and are not to be shared with the public, but there are parts that are public. The public parts do not need to be shared with the public, but they are great for sharing with the public. 1 pair can be enjoyed by so many people in different ways. Some enjoy it by looking, while the wearer enjoys the touch, and the feeling, and the warmth, and the shade, and the style.

Celebrate your freedom to wear and to look!

Thank you for reading!

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