Monday, May 18, 2015

Peanut Butter & Shaving

It seems that people tried shaving with peanut butter. Some people liked it, and some did not. I have not tried it, and I do not plan to. However, read the rest of the blog post for my thoughts on why it might not work for some, and how to improve your technique. I base my suggestions on my regular use of peanut butter.

When I use peanut butter on bread, I find that the bottom of the jar tends to be very thick. In fact, it is often thicker than regular butter. This happens, because all of the thick stuff sinks to the bottom, while the oils go to the top. If you intend to use peanut butter, then make sure that you stir it often so that the oils mix with the bottom layers. This will keep it smooth, and make it easier to apply, and easier to wash out of the razer, and the tub or sink.

If you intend to shower immediately after, then you might be able to get away with not washing the tub immediately after shaving. It will take a balancing act, but it will be worth it. While you apply shampoo and whatever else, and while you rinse, you could use your foot to rub the tub. This will cause the peanut butter to spread, and it will probably feel gross, but the water will easily rinse the peanut butter away. I got this idea from washing peanut butter off dishes and cutlery. This can also be seen with a dishwasher's prewash action. Even without detergent, the dishwasher can get rid of most of the grease and solids, and it has no problems with peanut butter. The benefit of washing it away while you shower, is to save time, detergent, and water. I am sure that at least some of you might be environmentally conscious.

Use low quality peanut butter. I could be wrong on this, but I suspect that higher quality peanut butter tends to be thicker and have some chunks, while heavily processed peanut butter tends to have peanut butter flavouring and colouring.

That being said, I do not intend to use it. I am happy just epilating and/or shaving with soap.

What experiences have you had with shaving? What experiences have you had with peanut butter?

Thank you for reading!

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