Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bought Lots Of Hosiery

Yesterday, after work, I kind of hesitated about spending money on hosiery, since I do not have much to spend, but this probably the best time to do it, because of Sears Days, which meant that we could buy 5 or more pairs for 50% off. I combined my employee discount and another $10 off for opening an in-store credit card. In total, I saved about $64 off of about $90+. It came down to $30 and a few cents. A couple of the pairs were worth $20 at regular prices, so I got a good deal.

1 package contains nothing but small foot padding for the front of the feet, that wrapped around the top of the feet. I will blog more on them later, I think.

1 pair is grey Silks Desire. I think that this will make a great part of my hosiery library, since I like grey.

1 of the pairs was Jessica brand fleece footless hosiery, like the Pretty Polly Fleecy full length hosiery. I like the idea of fleece hosiery being footless, because it will probably not be sold for its appearance, as much as it will be sold for its warmth. When we wear hosiery as warm clothing, with casual outfits, then we are more likely to combine socks with it. When we wear the full length hosiery, it will probably wear out at the feet. Therefore, we'll get more value out the thermal hosiery, if we just let it be good at keeping our legs warm, and letting our socks take all the punishment and wear and tear.

If you were offered a free pair of fleece footless hosiery or fleece full length hosiery, then which would you choose?

The end. Thank you for reading!

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