Friday, December 9, 2011

Possible Product Recall For Silks Style #2395 [a.k.a Style #19295] Black Size 3?

Last evening, I got around to opening up 1 package of each colour size combination of the Silks Waistless opaques, that I have in stock, and I discovered something very unusual. If you are enthused about Silks style #2395, in the least, then read the remainder of the post, which tells you all.

I am sure that many of you long time wearers have experience with hosiery that is supposed to be long enough, but turns out to be too short. I decided to help my customers by checking the unstretched leg lengths to give us a rough estimate of whether or not it is going to work. A couple of customers had an opposite problem. They showed interest in the products, but changed their minds, because of the style numbers. They insisted that the hosiery of the old style numbers had different leg lengths. I found this hard to be believe, until yesterday evening.

Yesterday evening, I found out that the black size 3 pairs were about 6-9 inches shorter than the black size 1 pair. At first, I thought that it was just a one time defect, so I opened up the remaining few black size 3 pairs, and they were all roughly the same length as the first. I found that a little disappointing.

1 thing that I found so interesting is that the size 2 pairs are so long, that they almost would have touched the floor. The java size 3 pairs, came as style #19295, and if I held the gusset at the height of my crotch, then the hosiery would have touched the floor. This shows that the hosiery would not need to stretch a whole lot in order to fit most people. The black size 3 pairs only come down to about the middle of my lower leg, when the gusset is held to my crotch.

Another interesting thing is that upon basic inspection, you could see that the black size 3 pairs were loose in the packaging, while the others were jam packed. This means that there is less fabric in the black size 3 pairs. This does not mean that they will not stretch enough. It just means that they need to stretch a lot.

I have informed my customer, who is waiting for the arrival of a parcel. I have also contacted Doris Hosiery Mills Ltd. I intend to get to the bottom of this! Maybe Doris Hosiery Mills Ltd is willing to offer a product recall, or something else. I have also contacted the two customers who lost interest. I am hoping that they will show an interest in the black size 3 pairs, even though they ordered smaller sizes.

The end. Thank you for reading!

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